Office Moves Made Easy

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No two moves can ever be the same. Office moves are way different from house moves. Some companies can only do some types of moves. In that case, you might have to hire more than one company if you have multiple moving needs. Good Place Moving Company is your Surrey moving company with different packages. We do a range of moves including household moves and office moves. We will help you from the start to the end of the moving process. For a start, here are some tips when handling office moves.

Early Planning

Office moves require a lot of things to be put into consideration. You’ll need to coordinate employees and make sure that you do an equipment check and paperwork. This requires you to plan ahead of time. In fact, if you think that you are not yet fully ready, you may have to wait until everything is set. Otherwise, your office move will be hectic. Begin by letting your staff and clients know that you plan to move. This way, they can adjust themselves appropriately. You don’t want to lose customers in the moving frenzy.  

Solve Problems as they arise

When you are decided on making the move, solve problems as early as in the planning process. Think of potential issues that can occur and find solutions for them. For instance, you should begin to work out a new mail address. Don’t wait until the problem brings loses in the firm is when you begin to act. Figure out how you can make the move smooth. Involve the necessary stakeholders in the planning process. Some difficult problems can have simple solutions coming from someone you least expect. Avoid doing everything alone as it can be difficult to foresee some problems singlehandedly.

Go Professional

You may have made local arrangements and moved your house items successfully in the past. However, the dynamics of office moves are quite different. It is time you sought professional help. If you want to move to Surrey or its surrounding, Good Place Moving can help out. Office moves need coordination. This is what you get when you hire a professional mover. The workers from the moving company will ensure that your office furniture remains safe. Any underestimations will be reevaluated if you have professional hands working on the gig. You will also benefit from the tools that the mover offers.

Distribute Tasks

The office team should help you when moving. You don’t have to pack their desks. Let the staff handle that for you. The benefit of doing this is to ensure that no one complains that their stuff got misplaced. They can just pack and let the professional mover do the rest. The heavy lifting should be handled using appropriate equipment. Most moving companies have their own forklifts to tackle such tasks. If they don’t have, they can hire them from someone else. Your duty is to ensure that boxes are carefully labeled. Even as you pack, remember that you will eventually have to unpack.   

Hold People Responsible

It feels good when your manager trusts you with something. Assign your staff with different responsibilities. Let them report their progress. Use all the gathered information to make a moving plan. No one should feel left out. Be as inclusive as possible. You could have some people watching over an entire department. Others can have a subcategory specially set for them. Depending on your workforce, you can choose to either split or combine some departments. Be the one making these decisions to avoid confusion. Several things can run at the same time.

Make a Good Budget

Part of the planning process is budgeting. Ensure that you have organized finances well. An office move can turn into a large-scale operation. You don’t want to get stuck at financing the move. Get every aspect factored in. don’t assume that packing material is not significant to budget for. Even the cost of removal should form your budget. Consider the cost incurred for canceling utilities. Make provision for the loss of productivity while on the move. When you are done with your budget, add some money for miscellaneous needs.

Use Quality Packing and Wrappings

Financial constraints can make you think of cheap packing alternatives. This is not advisable when doing an office move. You want to make sure that you move things without getting them damaged. They should be ready to work in the new destination. Sacrifice and acquire good wrapping and packing materials. You can buy metal boxes if you will need to move frequently. Alternatively, you can choose to hire some packing containers and return them after use. The goal is to ensure that you preserve the quality of your office goods.


There is no better time to upgrade your office as when moving. The people who are resistant to change won’t mind if it is done during a move. You don’t have to transport the things that you no longer need. This adds up the moving cost for no good reason. Sell them or donate them. Let the moving company move only what you need. New furniture can be transported by the company selling them. This is a great hack to saving a lot of money at your convenience. You achieve two things at the same time- moving and upgrading.

Time the Move

Your moving plan should have a time limit. Move everything within this time. To avoid feeling as if you are not on the schedule, set enough time for the move. A couple of days to move should be enough. Even so, don’t be too strict. You will get your staff worked up and they may end up needing a sick leave. You can extend the deadline if there is a need.

Work on Your Destination

As you move, have you figured out the floor space in the new office? Good Place Moving will help you determine how the items will fit in the new office. The final destination can guide you on what to sell and what to buy while on the move. If everything follows a plan, be sure to enjoy your office move.     

How to Unpack Stuff When Moving

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Moving has many aspects. Unpacking can be quite a challenge. You have just arrived at your new home and everything is in a container. You don’t know where to start. As a moving company, Good Place Moving understands your needs. If you are in need of Abbotsford movers, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips for you when unpacking.

Have a Plan

Planning is the most important part of unpacking. You should plan the entire moving process ahead of time. Therefore, when wrapping and preparing to pack things, remember that you will eventually need to unpack them. You don’t have to be too complicated. Neither do you need to pack carelessly. Both extremes of packing make unpacking difficult. Make sure that you put similar things in the same package. This is to avoid the mayhem of looking for your toothbrush while turning things all over the place.

Make a Checklist

You can’t afford to mess up anything. Things can get mixed up if you don’t have a systematic way of doing things. Begin the checklist in a larger perspective such as listing big boxes and their designated rooms. To do this, you should have a catalog of the things you have moved. This way, you won’t misplace anything. The unpacking process will be orderly. Failure to do your unpacking systematically will lead to double ups and retarded progress. Use a mental map to ensure that you got everything covered. Avoid situations where things are not distributed well in the available rooms. One room ends up being overcrowded while another remains empty.   

Step by Step

It is not enough to have a great checklist. You need to use it well. Set targets and try to achieve them in time. A timeframe in which you must complete your entire unpacking is important to keep you on toes. The process may be tiring but if you have targets you get motivated. There are times when you will need to increase the frequency of working. Always maintain an orderly fashion of doing the unpacking. Resist the temptation to jumble up things by trying to unpack multiple boxes at the same time. It may seem like a great idea but it will only confuse you and ruin your day.  

Have Breaks

You can’t work all day without resting. If you do, you become ineffective. In your unpacking plan, make provisions for breaks. During this time, you can think about what you have achieved so far and make the necessary changes. Polish on areas you think you have not done well to stay ahead of schedule. This is the time to grab a snack or simply rest. When you get back to work, you will be rejuvenated. Don’t make the breaks too lengthy. It will only serve to suck more of your energy. The breaks should serve their purpose of relaxing you from rigorous work. Sometimes you just need a break and it is not yet time for a break. Take the rest and compensate by working extra time.  

Use Appropriate Equipment

Burnouts during the unpacking process come from the use of inappropriate tools. You spend all your energy on unnecessary tasks such as battling with seal tapes. Assemble all the necessary tools before you start unpacking. You will need scissors, dust bins, box cutters, and many more tools. Good Place Moving Company can handle your unpacking for you. It may sound obvious but these little things can hamper the unpacking. For instance, the entire process can end up being a mess if you don’t have garbage bins around. If you have everything set, you can have the best unpacking ever.

The Unpacking Categories

To help you out, here are some categories to use in grouping your things.


You can choose to start unpacking from any container. The crucial thing to observe is order. Unpack all that you will need in the kitchen. This includes all the instruments and utensils that are usually found in your kitchen. Pots, pans, crockery, and pantry will go to the kitchen. If there are some items that you use during special occasions, store them also in the kitchen. Plug the electronics like refrigerators. They should be ready for normal routines.


You can choose to go next to your bathroom essentials. Include all the toiletries for all family members. Set the bathroom so that it is usable. You may need to do some cleaning first with antiseptics and disinfectants if someone else was using the house. Put towels in place and check that everything is working. You will need a shower after the unpacking. Make sure to have everything you need for a couple of days before you go for formal shopping.


Don’t unpack things and still sleep at the couch. The bedrooms should be among the top of the list of unpacking. Begin with the bedroom furniture such as beds and racks. This is the place where you will certainly need a hand and Good Place Moving is willing to help. Check that the bed is firmly fixed before you place bedding on top. Other things like arranging the wardrobe can wait for later. The best you can do for a start is to bring suitcases containing clothes into the room.

Finalizing the Unpacking

When every room has its must-haves, you can do the division of labor amongst family members. Let each family member do their unpacking as they wish in their rooms. When everyone is comfortable, you can now shift your focus to garages and stores.

Don’t Postpone

The benefits of unpacking everything are many. You may never get another opportunity to do the rest of unpacking. Busy work schedules won’t allow you. For this reason, don’t postpone unpacking. Until you finish unpacking, you will not fell at home. You will find it difficult to get some things when you need them. The earlier you finish doing everything the better you stay becomes in the new home.

If you think that you are going to get overwhelmed invite us to assist. Good Place Moving Company will be your partner whenever you need Abbotsford Movers.              

Planning the Move with a Langley mover

Are you buying or selling a home?

In life, there is always a desire to improve your current standards. That’s why you sometimes get to a point that you have to sell your old house and buy a new one. For some people, this is a difficult task. For good planners, however, it is simple. Before you get your Langley Mover Good Place Moving Company, you need to think ahead and make a plan. This involves everything you do before, during, and after the move. You need to lay out every detail and think over it. This is the time to diagnose problems and formulate solutions before they occur. Preventing the problems from hitting you is a more effective way of dealing with them. To achieve such a level of planning your move, you need to be thorough.


Being organized makes the planning process efficient. You don’t need to be sophisticated. All you need to do is make sure that everything is perfect. Organization of the move can be easy if you know what to expect in the moving process. Plan in advance. It is better to postpone a move if you think that time is too short. There is no point in trying to move to beat a deadline and spoil everything. If possible, decide on a future date of move and make it at least 8 weeks in a way. This will provide you with enough time to do the necessary things. Use this time to make the preliminary steps that you will use during the entire moving process. Utilize the time which you have set well. Otherwise, you will end up with the same moving problems.

The Moving Steps

Moving has steps. You can’t jump one step and expect to achieve the move. For instance, there is no way you can transport the goods before you package them. Knowing the moving steps will help you make a good moving plan. The first step is always preparing the move. The next step is getting the necessary equipment to wrap and pack. You should have an inventory ready to help you know every material that is going to be used in the packaging process. You may think that you have full knowledge of every household good. The truth is that you know a great deal but certainly not all the items. Some of the things you have in your house are those which you inherited from previous generations. You lose track of them as their significance in your daily life. The other steps are easy to remember; loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, and settling.

Tasking the Process

Put a task on every moving process. There is packaging. Who will do it? How will you do the packaging? Give someone the task. Then move to the next available task. You can do it yourself or let someone do it for you. Good Place Moving Company Langley Mover can let you get involved in all the moving steps. You can pack, and help in loading the trucks. At the same time, we can do everything for you. This includes anything from wrapping your goods to settling in your new house. The choice is yours. If you are a busy office person, you don’t have to get a leave or be absent from work. Let someone else do your move and save your job. Some people would prefer to do the packing themselves. We allow that also at a lower cost of moving.

Calculate the Costs

Many people run to a conclusion that professionals are extremely costly. But have you done the math? You may find that the professionals are way too cheap especially if they have their own moving equipment. Some movers incur additional costs to cover for the cost of hiring forklifts and trucks. At Good Place Moving Company, we have the advantage of offering affordable moving services. This is because we are self-sufficient and don’t need to hire equipment from a third party. When you want to make a Langley move, we are ready to act. There are no inconveniences that come with depending on other people for moving equipment. Every mover needs to acquire their moving tools. The problem is that some of them are very expensive.

Additional Costs

When you have decided whether to hire a professional or to do it yourself, consider other costs too. The total moving cost it more than the amount that you will pay the mover. Remember that you may need to eat out during the move. Sometimes you may also need to check in a hotel for the night. If you don’t have a provision for such miscellaneous stuff, you will end up frustrated. The additional costs make all the difference in the moving experience. Even when you have the total cost ready, just add some extra cash in the budgetary allocation. It is better to have some money remaining at the end of the move. You will not suffer the consequences of poor budget planning. Moving should be free from any avoidable problems.

Making the Move less Intimidating

The task ahead of you can seem great. You may be at a point of almost giving up because of the work involved. There is a need to reduce the moving tasks in small bits. This will reduce the intimidation. Once you do a task, strike it off the plan. Become optimistic and see the far you have come from. Don’t look at the much work remaining. You need all the motivation that you can get to achieve a successful move. The fact that you have an organized plan should boost your motivation. Recognize that the move will not fail because you have a plan. If possible, this is the time, to begin with, the bigger tasks. Reserve the easier tasks for a later time and do those that are more significant first. This is a strategy to reduce the workload and make advancement in the move.

Move according to your Budget

While moving has an association with high costs, there is a way to beat your way around this. A good Langley mover should allow you to have a small budget move. Good Place Moving Company achieves this by allowing you to do some of the tasks in the move. The move becomes cheap or expensive depending on what resources you are going to hire. For example, you can get a lower moving charge if you do the packing yourself. You can request your friends and close associates to help in doing some of the moving tasks. Family members can even help in loading the goods into the trucks. You can get free help during the offloading and arranging your new home. All these options are available so that every customer can get to move according to their budget. A great moving experience is that which the individual feels that it was within their reach.       

Be Early in Every Step

You have the 8 weeks to prepare the move. This does not mean that you should wait to do things later. Do the things that you can do as soon as possible. Begin packing as early as when you are doing regular home clean up. This helps you to always stay ahead of the moving process. Book a Langley mover in advance. The earlier you do the booking the better the moving process. Let your moving firm know that you will be moving at a certain day in a few months to come. Don’t assume that you mover will always have a slot for you at the time you want. Moving is a competitive entity and many customers need to move at the same time. The moving company needs to also plan the move. If you let the company know earlier, you will get quality services.   

Timing the Move

The end of the month is agreeably the busiest time for any mover. People get promotions in their jobs and may need to relocate. End month is the time when the individual will have used up the rent and they could be ejected from the house. That is why many people decide to move during the end of the month. The demand for moving companies makes it a peak moving season. Some unscrupulous movers take advantage of this and raise their charges. Seasonal movers also try to make moves during this time since they are at an advantage. Get an all-season mover like Good Place Moving Company and you can always move at your preferable time. While there is an added advantage when you let your mover know in advance, we have enough capacity to accommodate many clients. This comes after many years of being in the moving business.      

Tracking the Expenses

You can’t give an account of every moving detail unless you track the expenses. Record everything that you use in the moving process. This includes the boxes, wrapping materials, tolls, maps, and snacks during the move. All these things add up to the final cost of moving. If you want to know whether or not your move was cheap as you expected, this is the time to make careful tracking of records. It will help you in subsequent moves. There are both subtractions and additions to the budget. When you sell a few things to purge and get a downsizing, you need to add the money you get into the records. This is the part of the move that really gives you charge over your finances. If you get a discount, this is an advantage and should appear in the track records.  

Moving your life

The emotional attachment that is in the moving process tells a lot. You are not simply moving your belongings to another location. You are moving your entire life into a new place. It is critical to note this aspect of the move. You should not get inconveniences because you have moved to another house. Planning the move is not complete unless you make a deliberation on how you will live there. Transfer your medical records and get a referral from your doctor. Get your children new schools and enroll them there even in advance. That is why you should see the move as moving your life to a different environment. You can’t achieve this level of efficiency if you lack a solid plan.

Office Moves

When you are moving your organization, there are additional things that you must do. The basic planning is necessary. Make sure that you have your organization ready to pick up in the new office location. Otherwise, you will get organizational losses. Important data should be stored in the cloud if possible. Anything can happen during the move. While it may be possible to retrieve data that get lost during the moving process, this may be extremely costly. Avoid such losses by backing up your data in multiple places. There are those types of data that you can afford to lose. Use this criterion to decide what type of storage you will use. Not all movers can make whole office moves. Just to be sure, inquire if the mover has the capacity to do the task at hand.

The Best Moving Results

At Good Place Moving Company, we always strive to be the Langley mover with a difference. We have professional employees who have the skills that will serve your moving needs. Our fleets of trucks are well-serviced and ready to make the move a reality. You deserve a wonderful moving experience. It is something you don’t do on a regular basis. Get the best when you can. Don’t regret the inconveniences of late delivery or lost goods. We are a trusted moving company with satisfied clients. We always deliver our promise and guarantee of the best moving services.    



Moving While on a Budget

The Cost of Moving

Moving can be an expensive affair. There are many things that contribute to the moving cost. Some of these things are avoidable. Others can’t let you move unless you have addressed them. Moving companies charge different rates. For Good Place Moving Company, our customers enjoy the economies of scale. We have acquired the equipment which we use in moving. Our services become affordable because we don’t have to hire trucks, forklifts, and other moving equipment. Years of experience in the moving industry have helped us to know the needs of our customers. When the customer demands a full-service move, they get it from us. If you want to get more involved in the moving process, we have your back. We have worked our way to the top of Surrey movers. You shouldn’t worry over anything if you are moving with us. We have the necessary expertise to handle your move.

Get the Moving Estimate

Part of the moving process involves careful planning. Good Place Moving Company will give you a free moving estimate. We don’t want you to begin paying for the quote as it will make moving expensive. As the name suggests, it is an estimate. It gives you a rough idea of what to expect during the move. Our moving estimate is fairly accurate. We are not interested in making a huge dent in your bank. All we want to do is help you move and settle into your new home. You may not be in a position to know the exact final cost of moving. There are other moving expenditures which you will incur. They include things like buying the materials for packaging goods. This is where the secret lies in moving under a tight budget. Cut the unnecessary expenditures.  

Do the research

There are many Surrey movers. Some of them are too costly while others are affordable. Good Place Moving Company offers affordable and quality moving services. We don’t sacrifice on quality to make the move cheap. From the face value, a moving quote may seem cheap. But if the company has additional costs that may be hidden, you will end up regretting the move. It is better to do a proper research first. Before you sign that moving contract, get the facts right. Many movers who are out to make unreasonable profits will capitalize on your lack of understanding of the moving terms. An informed customer has the ability to cut the moving costs to the minimum. Do you really have to take a full cover for your short distance move? Such questions will help you decide on what can stay out of the budget.

Compare the Quotes

Sometimes we are quick to judge. The best mover is not necessarily the cheapest. There are other things to look at. One of such things is the additional services. After doing your research, you will be in a better position to establish who is a truly affordable mover. Let the mover give you a breakdown of the cost per service. This means that you should know how much they charge for packing, unpacking, reassembly, storage, and so on. Every bit of the moving estimate needs to be affordable. This is your chance to further make comparisons. You can then choose to strike off something else in the budget. You may not need the packaging services for instance. Why then should you pay for it? Unless, of course, you afford to spend, you should cut every unnecessary cost. There are advantages that come with professional services. However, for the sake of the budget, you can forgo some of them.

Too good to be true

Just because you are moving on a budget, you shouldn’t fall into a trap. One way to identify moving traps is when the estimate is too good to be true. Be on the lookout for fraudsters. They don’t come dressed in masks; they are the movers who offer a quote that is unreal. There are some ways to navigate through the possible pitfalls. One way is to figure out why they are sounding that cheap. Play the detective role here for the sake of your goods. If you don’t find the reason, ask. Good Place Moving Company and other reputable Surrey movers will give answers to customers. This should be something that the mover does on demand. Analyze the answers and determine if there is the truth. If you trust the answers as satisfactory, go ahead and sign the contract. But if you have doubts, think twice.


Well, there are those moves which you can do it yourself. If not the entire move, there are some parts of the moving process which you can handle. If you are moving on a tight budget, you should consider doing most of the things yourself. This will make the move cheaper. Good Place Moving Company allows you to pack or do some parts of the process. We will come and help you complete the move. Explore all the options and decide on what you will handle. People who have a moving experience can do the entire move on their own. The challenge may be the need to hire a truck or moving equipment. Friends and family members can help you do the move. As some will be wrapping, others will be packing and others will load the van. Each member takes part in the different processes.

Packing on your own

Now that you are bent on making the move as cheap as possible, how do you pack? If you have never moved before, it can be tricky. You need to have an idea of the materials you need to use. You should make a list of all the goods in the house. Every good may need a form of wrapping material. Some goods such as clothes and sporting equipment may not need wrapping. Categorize goods as those that need wrapping and those that don’t. After that, you can begin packing those which don’t need anything extra. Remain with those that need special packing. Wipe or clean the goods while packing. Be organized. Once you have packed a box, move it out of the way. This will make the packing efficient and seamless. If you can get a helping hand, that would be better.     

Do you have to buy the Packaging Material?

Boxes and wraps are expenses that you can cut very effectively. Your budget is already limited. You can’t afford to ask the mover to come with new supplies for packing. You need to improvise and be creative. Get the boxes for free! Where do you start? Look for boxes which you have accumulated in the house over time. The boxes which you used to carry your new TV set, shopping, and groceries will do. Let your friends know that you are moving. They will be more than happy to offer you some of their boxes for the move. Get the courage to visit your local store and ask for the boxes. You can get good boxes all for free. The chances are that these people don’t need the boxes. They may be glad that you asked for them. Even the recycling center can be of great help.

Use what you have

Saving money means that you have to find a clever way to use what is available. Old towels, rags, sheets, can become very handy during the packing process. You can package your china or fragile goods in between sheets, newspapers, or pieces of clothing. Your aim is to ensure that the goods reach home safely. There is no need to be fancy with bubble wraps and get financial constraints after the move. Understand that you only need these materials during the transportation of your goods. After that, you will throw them away. So, figure out how best you can move without having to but the extra materials. The greatest way to save money in the entire moving process is to avoid buying anything. Be careful though, using low-quality boxes can cause goods to be damaged. You can reinforce them sing a masking tape.


During the valuation, you can save a lot of money. Good Place Moving Company offers many types of coverage for our customers. You could decide to choose the default full value protection. This means that you will get back the value of the goods if they get damaged. Other people go for the separate liability coverage which is an extra protection of goods. These types of cover for goods in transit are quite expensive. The other type of cover is the release value protection. Here, you only get $0.60 per pound of every item on transit. Insurance can be a luxury if you are making a short distance move. Choose the cheapest cover and get to move. This is better than not moving at all because you are on a budget. At the same time, you will have a form of a cover and get back some value for goods if they are damaged.    

The Moving Date

You need to choose the moving date carefully. This calls for early planning. Find a day of the month that is likely to be off-peak. People prefer to move at the end of the month. It is the time when they feel that they should begin living in a new house. Other reasons include that it is when they get paid, or when they need to pay rent in the house. Avoid moving during the times when more than half of the total moves take place. You can choose a crazy day like a public holiday when most people are concerned with festivity. For you, you want to move and the budget does not allow. Avoid the weekends since people find time to move. Doing this simple task will save a lot. You are likely to get a discount from the standard moving charges.          

Making money from the Move

This may come as a shock to someone who is on a tight budget. How do you make money when moving? It is simple; sell some of your stuff. Some of your unwanted belongings can earn you money. Auction them and you will get all sorts of offers. Choose the most efficient buyer. This is as a strategy to conserve the money you get from the sale. The preferred buyer is the one who will come for the goods. They will save you the cost of transporting the goods to the garage for sale. Seize such opportunities and maximize on them. As you begin to pack, note the goods that don’t add much value to your house. Duplicate goods don’t help much. An old microwave may never get the chance to be used. You could sell it now that you are on a tight budget.

Consider the Consequences First

As you try to make the move cheap, you may be a victim of poor services. Good Place Moving Company offers full-service moves in Surrey and beyond. These services are professional and help protect your goods. If you are on a tight budget, don’t overdo the cutting of costs. One example is the use of newspapers in wrapping china. You will save on a lot of costs when you do this. However, your china may get spoilt. But it is your packing that caused the damage. The moving company is not liable. You will face the consequences alone. Saving money should be a subject that you must approach with caution. If possible, weigh the benefits versus the risks first. Any time the risks outweighs the benefits, you are at a losing end. You may end up using a lot of money to recover goods which you have spoilt in the attempt to conserve money.



Loss of Goods when Moving

How could Goods Get Lost?

Loss of goods is commoner than what people think. In the past, there were few people moving from one place to another. Urbanization has turned things upside down. Guys are always on the move. It is as though the old-fashioned pastoralist tendency is back. Indeed, we are all moving from one place to another in search of ‘greener pastures’. This has brought chaos in the moving world. Every mover tries their best to accommodate the needs of each customer. This is not a problem for Good Place Moving Company because we have the capacity. Struggling movers end up misplacing the goods of the customers in the mayhem. Lucky for most movers though, there is an advancement in the technologies that we use to keep track of stuff. One then wonders how goods still get lost in this sophisticated era.

Stolen Goods

You may wish not to believe this but it is true- goods get stolen. Some unscrupulous movers do this to their unsuspecting customers. What else do you expect if you hire a mover who is not licensed? Chances are that they are in business to steal from you. Good Place Moving Company is fully licensed to operate. We encourage you to ask for proof when you suspect a mover. Ask them for their registration identity and they should be able to give you. Failure to do this basic task means that you are inviting trouble. Watch for this earliest red flag and avoid such movers. You will be safer to look for another mover than to try to conserve time. You may be late and it is understandable. However, they say that better late than never. It applies here too. You should be lucky to get a moving quote that delivers the promise.

Confusion while Purging

The moving process is not free from energy-draining tasks. This is the time when you get confused over small stuff. Good Place Moving Company suggests that you downsize before the move. Doing this will make the process easier. The problem is that there is a tendency to overdo it. You may find out later that you have given out some things which you were not supposed to purge. On reaching your new home, you begin claiming that you can’t see all your goods. Purge carefully. Don’t let the auction confuse you. If you are susceptible to getting confused, note down everything you donate before the move. If you are unsure of what you have just given out, look for the inventory of all your goods. Check all the items that are remaining and see if you can account for all that is absent.

Loss during Packaging

When you get to the packaging process, you need some break intervals. Otherwise, you will lose items during packaging and even subsequently. Some boxes are not strong enough to take the load. You package your goods well but they begin to fall when the boxes get transferred to the trucks. Reinforce the boxes with a tape at the bottom. You can also help prevent loss of goods through packing just enough goods in one box. If you can afford metal boxes, you will be in a better position to secure the safety of your goods. Cover the top of the boxes with a tightly fitting lid. Don’t simply stack boxes on top of the other boxes before covering them. Things will get out when they are being packed into the back of the carrying van. Ensure that you eliminate problems that could arise from your side.

What to do when goods get lost?

When your goods get lost, there is no need to worry. There are protocols that you will follow to claim your precious items. Don’t shy away and lose goods completely. There is always something that you can do to get back the value of your goods. It is the same thing when the mover spoils your goods. This may be intentional damage to goods or unintentional. You have to demand your rights. The mover needs to explain to you what happened. The response from the mover will instruct your further steps. You can choose to settle the matter out of the court or to square it out in a more formal way. The evidence is all you need to get back the value of your items. Don’t skip the step of making an inventory even if you trust your mover. Good Place Moving Company is a trusted Maple Ridge Mover but we still advise you to have an inventory.

Double Checking your Goods

This is the part where you appreciate the need for an inventory. You will get your updated inventory and make sure that the good is indeed lost. The good should have been lost during the moving process and not before or after. You have a time limit at which you need to notify the mover that your goods are lost. They will check on the inventory from their part and confirm whether or not they received the goods. You should unpack everything and try looking for it. The item may be lodged deep inside another box that you mislabeled. Go back to the old house and look for it there. You may have been so busy that you forgot to pack it in the rush. When you are sure that the item is not anywhere in your house, car or any other place you may think off, move to the next step.               

Gathering the Evidence

As you know well, the evidence is the golden key to unlocking your lost claim. Do the write up to describe the details of the item. Recall what it looked like, its name or even the name of the manufacturer. This will help you build a solid case and get back your stuff. Get a picture or anything like a receipt to help the mover identify your good. Most of the times, the mover will acknowledge that they lost the item if you have such kind of evidence. You need to have the convincing power. You may be sure that the mover lost the good but if you don’t have something to prove it, you will have problems. The mover does not wish to make loses. Similarly, you can’t forgo your valuable goods.

File the Claim

Officially notify the moving company that you have lost your good. Good Place Moving Company and other Maple Ridge movers will require you to write a description. This is a formal notification that you have some of your goods missing. Be careful to report the correct information. The moving company will use the details to try to locate your items. Falsifying the information can jeopardize your claim. It is good practice to always be honest. You expect the mover to do the same for you. Don’t misuse the opportunity to claim goods that you didn’t own before. This is fraudulent and you could land in trouble. If you have some things missing after we have moved you, let us know about it as soon as possible. We will take you through the process of claiming back your goods.    

What Were the Moving Terms?

Most people don’t read through the moving contract forms. All they want to do is move from one location to another. They don’t expect any issues. When goods get lost, they begin to run up and down trying to see if they signed the documents right. Be sure of every moving detail. This will make you an informed customer. You are better placed in times of trouble. The moving company is expected to specify the terms. This includes the level of compensation if goods get damaged or lost during the moving process. Moving companies have a standard compensation which you should be aware of. They will repay lost or damaged goods at a rate. This could be at $0.60 per pound of an item on transit. This means that you get that amount per pound of the good regardless of the value. There are other additional insurance policies which are more favorable.

Money Back

What is the cost of losing a household item? Most customers will appreciate a token of money to compensate for their goods. Good Place Moving Company is a responsible Maple Ridge mover. We know that some things can’t get settled with money. This is just a show of concern for your belongings. The goods may have an emotional attachment. If possible, the individual needs the good back and nothing else. The inconvenience that the mover has caused you also adds to the total value of the good. Let’s say you lost a laptop worth $300. If we replace the total amount that you used to buy it, we are only doing something to help. There are things that you have stored in there and they could be more valuable than the laptop. High-value goods need to get a proper form of insurance. Alternatively, you can carry it in your car and avoid the hassles associated with moving.

Should you sue the mover?

Suing the mover is a last resort. This may be farfetched. Before you are in that place where you want to sue the mover, exhaust all other options. Good Place Moving Company will address your concerns as soon as possible. If you feel that you need us to do something more, let us know through our website. Writing a review on the website will draw some attention and you may get help. The cost of filing a lawsuit against the mover may cause you to break the bank. Avoid it if possible. You may end up getting more loss through such legal steps. But who should stop you if you are up to the task? You may have a real reason and feel that the only way out it to get the judge’s ruling. To avoid such problems, get a trusted mover. Ask around and you will get some ideas to help you decide on the mover. Some movers are cunning and they have great reviews. When you read through the reviews, you find that the statements are questionable. Movers that you got as referrals are the best.

Preventing Problems better than Solving

Before you make the move, look out for possible problems. Each problem should get a solution. If you have trust issues with the mover, ask for some concrete evidence. Spend enough time to look for someone you can trust. It is better to deal with a mover that you know many details about their company. Good Place Moving Company is a reputable mover. We care about the experiences of our customers. Being in the business for many years has taught us to appreciate every customer. We can’t risk offering poor services. We always make sure that we give the best that is available. You deserve to get a decent move and have a thing less to worry over. Our professional moving services will guarantee you a happy move.

Improving the Inventory

Technological advancement is there to help make work easier. Instead of filling excel spreadsheets, you can use QR coding and get a better inventory. Even if the mover tries to claim that they did not receive the good, you have something that will silence them. If you are good with an inventory, make sure that it is something reliable. Human errors contribute to the loss of goods. The items could get lost even before you have entered them into the inventory. To make it an efficient process, make sure that you have a way of confirming that you have entered all goods. This basic step of the moving process can make all the difference. It will not only help to secure your goods but it will also help you make a claim.


Wide Coverage Chilliwack Moving company

Moving Distances

If you want to move from one city to another or across provinces, you need a Chilliwack Moving company with wide coverage. Good Place Moving Company provides moving services over short and long distances. The location does not matter as long as it is within our moving scope. Since inception, we have strived to be as extensive in coverage as possible. This is to accommodate more moving needs of our clients. The desire to be the best has been a source of inspiration to us. We have managed to go beyond set limits and our coverage today is far and wide.

Fraser Valley and Beyond

How far is the destination of your goods? Good Place Moving Company covers Fraser Valley and beyond in moving goods for clients. We are Mission Movers, Langley Movers, Chilliwack Movers, Maple Ridge Movers, Surrey Movers, Pitt Meadows Movers, Coquitlam Movers, Port Coquitlam Movers, Delta Movers and we cover more areas. The entire lower mainland is under our coverage and we move for clients to and from any destination. Sometimes you need to move to more than one destination. We offer this option and ensure that we get to deliver all your goods appropriately.

Chilliwack Moving company

Short Notice Moves

You plan to move at a time and book a mover. When the time to move comes, you get news that something happened. The well-planned moving journey is converted to a short notice move. That is not a big problem for us. We do short notice moves and we you don’t have to break the bank when you move with us. Good Place Moving Company is a very considerate Chilliwack Moving company. You have already lost a lot and we won’t let you continue losing time and other resources. Even if you need to move over long distances, we will serve your short notice moving needs.  

Remote Moving

Imagine you are busy at work. You want to be involved in the moving process but you don’t want to leave the office. Good Place Moving Company will help you move remotely. You will follow the move in every step without moving an inch yourself. Get the confidence to move valuable goods with us. We will ensure that you are updated in every change we make. From the preparation of the goods to the delivery, you will be informed of every moving detail.

Moving often is Feasible

People wish to change cities as soon as they can but moving limits them. Good Place Moving Company offers reliable moves than makes relocation easy. You can move as often as you wish. We will carry your household goods and deliver them to the new home. The challenge to move frequently causes many people to refrain from acquiring nice things. The worry is that they will be forced to dispose of the goods at a throw-away price. With the wide coverage moving, we can transport goods at an affordable cost. The economies of scale work in the favour of our customers.

Don’t worry anymore. Just move with Good Place Moving Company.


Trustworthy Surrey Moving Company

Moving Surrey for Years

Trust comes when someone has a point of reference. Good Place Moving Company has moved for over 10 years in Surrey. This is tangible evidence that we have the ability to move for you. Amateur moves may not have the necessary skill to do all your moves. We are proud to be in service for over a decade with a good track record. Learning from experience makes us a mover you can trust with your valuable goods. We are sure with every move and our objective is to deliver successfully.

Walking the Talk

Many movers will claim to do moves which they cannot. Once they lure the unsuspecting client, they disappoint terribly. When Good Place Moving Company says that it provides certain services, it does so. Honesty has fashioned strong relationships between us and our customers. They know that we will deliver whatever we promise. This is an important mark in all movers who need to gain trust from the clients. It does not benefit anyone when you can’t walk the talk. You end up inconveniencing people who had all their hopes on you.

Surrey Moving Company

Giving the Details

Why should you make a move when you are not yet satisfied with the proceedings? Does the mover offer transparent services? Good Place Moving Company gives details that can help the customer make the right decision. This means that we let the customer make an informed decision even if it will not necessarily favor us. There is no need to hide anything in today’s developed world. To our advantage, when we offer all the details, the customers rest assured that they everything will go on as planned. Surprises are not a favorite of many people when they are doing moves that mean everything to their lives.

Is the Surrey Mover Licensed?

Identifying the right mover is hard. However, when you know what to look for, the search is easy. Don’t trust a mover who does not come clear with their paperwork. Good Place Moving Company is fully licensed to move in Surrey and beyond. Check that the mover is verifiable because that is the best way to find the trustworthy mover. If you are not convinced by the paperwork, it is unlikely that you will be satisfied with the delivery. Referrals from close friends may be a good lead. The decision on which Surrey moving company to use should be yours.

Convenience comes from Trustworthy Surrey Movers

An experienced and trustworthy mover will offer convenience. Rarely will you find excuses from Good Place Moving Company. You don’t have to book another ticket or wait another day. We will deliver the goods at the right time and help you settle in your new destination. Very few Surrey moving firms have the ability to offer reliable services. Poorly serviced trucks and unprofessional staff are a major cause of inconvenience. Since we prepare before any move, we have serviced trucks ready to move your goods.

Move with us because we are trustworthy. You won’t experience uncalled for delays.


Dependable Abbotsford Mover

Have you ever moved and regretted the move? Good Place Moving Company is the dependable moving company that does not disappoint. We have everything set and ready to move your items to your new destination. This reliability is for making your life easier.

Reliability is Dependable

It is true that a company may have a few challenges once in a while. However, the challenges should never be a cause of unreliability. Good Place Moving Company is a reliably dependable Abbotsford Mover. We never let you down once you hire our moving services. Some companies cannot help it because of poor technology and equipment. This includes those who need to hire the services of other companies before making the move. We have solved this problem by acquiring a fleet of trucks and equipment so that we are ever ready.

Good Place Moving Company Abbotsford

Lost Goods? Not with Us

Goods get misplaced when being transported. This causes untold suffering and loss of resources to the client. Whose fault is it? Such inconveniences arise from negligence that brings about confusion. That’s why Good Place Moving Company encourages all our clients to carefully label their items. It is so painful and frustrating to pay for undelivered goods. Some goods cannot be replaced. This calls for extra care when handling them. Our workers are professionals who are well trained to handle your goods. Move with us and only get to hear stories of misplaced goods elsewhere.

Moving with Time

Moving should never be a rush to deliver the goods. However, it should also not be too slow a process. Rushing over things may be possible but through sacrificing on the quality of service. For deliveries on time, you have Good Place Moving Company at your disposal. We not only deliver your goods safely, but we also do so fast enough. No customer deserves to wait for days when the Abbotsford mover promised to deliver in a few hours. We will always deliver within our promised timeline. Don’t worry about the challenges that arise during transport since we always plan before making the move.

Seasons Change, we don’t

It is common to find an Abbotsford mover who begins well. Over time, the services and prices change. Good Place Moving Company is the dependable moving company in Abbotsford. We constantly provide quality services even when things get tough. During peak days, everyone wants to move. We know this and prepare to handle all our customers. This has maintained the image of the company amongst repeat clients and new ones. When the client knows that our services are constantly good, they move without worries. We guarantee that we will only change for the better.

Free Online Quotes

Overestimating the moving costs makes many people shy away from making the move. Good Place Moving Company will give you a free online quote. You get the estimate at the comfort of your home. Most of the times, you will realize that you have overestimated the move. Indeed, if you calculate the separate costs of hiring lifting equipment, workers, drivers, and trucks, it will always be high. Good Place Moving Company cuts costs by offering an all-inclusive cost. Being informed helps you make quick decisions. You can move to your new job in a distant town today without paying anything extra.

Caring Abbotsford Movers

To get quality moves, one needs to carefully sort out the Abbotsford movers. Good Place Moving Company is a caring Abbotsford mover. We have the track record of successful moves. Caring for our customers has improved our services. Move with us for a wonderful moving experience.  

Low Budget Moves

If you care for someone you won’t let exclude them from a service you offer. Good Place Moving Company does low budget moves. This is how much we care for all our customers. We understand that people are different and they may be facing hard financial times. Moving may be unavoidable. This means that sometimes it is hard to postpone the move. Even so, we won’t allow the cost of moving to be the reason preventing you from moving to your new home. Feel free to share with us your concerns and we will always get a way forward.

Cheap Short Notice Movers Abbotsford


You get stressed up in life. Family issues come up and they bother you. Your boss doesn’t give you peace at work either. Good Place Moving Company cares for you. We offer professional services that serve your moving needs right. The last thing you want from a moving company is being handled roughly. Our drives and workers are very friendly. They are co-operative and you will be amazed at how pleasant our professionalism is. Get to move while smiling all the way to the destination. We pledge to make moving a lasting experience.

Careful Handling of Goods

The way one handles your antique piano speaks much about the moving experience. Good Place Moving Company is the Abbotsford Mover that handles your goods with care. We can’t afford to disappoint you through careless moving. We want your goods to reach their destination in their best condition. If you fear that you may not know how to pack or wrap some of the items in your home, let us know in advance. We will come with the right equipment to use in packing and loading to our trucks. The nature of the good does not matter for us. We have heavy lifts that make work easy for us all.


A caring Abbotsford mover will make every effort to make moving worth your time and money. Good Place Moving Company has the stripes of a convenient Abbotsford mover. Resources are wasted when there is an inconvenience. If an Abbotsford mover delays to come to pick your packed goods, you will be forced to pay some extra money for storage. This does not make moving interesting at all. We work around the clock to ensure that you get the feeling that we care for your moving needs.

Coming back for more Moves

It is difficult to measure customer satisfaction. The customer who comes back for more moves is a satisfied customer. That is how Good Place Moving Company establishes the quality of moving services on offer. We take every move as a golden opportunity to prove our worth to the clients. We care for our customers and we don’t want to subject them to suffering.  Abbotsford Movers who don’t have the customers’ needs at heart squander their opportunities. For us, we are looking forward to your coming back for more moves.

Don’t wait to learn that your mover is not caring. Just move with us every time you move.  


All Seasons Moving in Abbotsford

Good Place Moving Company moves goods for the customers Moving in Abbotsford all year round. We are always ready to go when our customers want to move. Move with us regardless of the season of the year. You will always be satisfied with our excellent moves.

No need to Time the Move

People plan before they undertake major events. Good Place Moving Company does the planning for the customers. This means that as long as you move with us, you can move at any time. We are Abbotsford all seasons moving company. We prepare well in advance to cater for all the needs of our clients. Whenever you feel like it is the right time to move, we are available for the move.

Moving in Abbotsford is our Perfected Art

Moving in Abbotsford is not easy for all companies. Some look for every opportunity to charge the customers something extra. Good Place Moving Company has perfected the art of moving. We don’t prey on our customers since we love to move for them. This perfection helps us to move without hiking prices. Some competitors wait for holidays to make the most of every move. For us, we believe in being fair and so we cannot charge you highly. You don’t even have to wait for off-peak to make the move. You can move your goods as often as you wish.  

Good Place Moving Company Abbotsford Logo

Always Available

If you know the process of moving in Abbotsford you wish to get a company that is always available when you need them. People take a lot of time to get a mover. For some, it is a one-time move and then it is over. For others, it is the beginning of an endless moving experience. Good Place Moving Company rewards its customers with full-time availability. The hustle to get the right mover is worth a reward. When you move with us, you get the most out of moving. We value and treat every move with the due respect.

Moving in Abbotsford with the Trend

So it is time to celebrate and you need to move? Good Place Moving Company is not left behind. We are always on the lookout to cover our customers’ expectations. This is part of the reason why we are now among the top of Abbotsford movers. As the time changes, the expectations of the clients change as well. A company that cannot change is always left behind. We have the motivation to be ahead of the trends so that our customers get what they deserve. This means that we offer all forms of moving in Abbotsford services. If you need to be involved in the moving process, you are welcome. Similarly, those who feel that they need an expert’s hand in everything have their quote.

Don’t Look for Seasonal Movers

You need to question movers who tend to claim to be extremely cheap. The worst is for you to be referred to another mover because of hiring the services of a seasonal mover. You will not only be inconvenienced, but you will also be likely to make wrong decisions. Avoid the rush and be confident with Good Place Moving Company. All you have to do is let us know when you want to move. You will get a quote that will encourage you to make that move.