Frequently Asked Questions


We have multiple 5-ton trucks that vary from 24 feet to 36 feet in length and come equipped with ramps, and others have pneumatic lifts.

Yes, we move seven days a week.
We can send 2 to 5 movers per truck, and we can send multiple trucks for bigger jobs.

The amount of time it will take to complete a move depends on how organized and efficient the client is at their end regarding packing, as well as the configuration of the pickup and drop off locations, i.e., Access points, stairs, hallways, etc.

Typically for a 1-2 bedroom home, it takes anywhere from 2-4 hours, 3-4 bedroom home take from 4-6 hours. 5-6 bedroom home takes 5-9 hours and the possibility of a second truckload. Those are approximations based on the services we had provided since 2004 when we started the business.

We provide reusable plastic totes when requested size vary but averages are 25.2 x 15.5 x 11″ (2.3 cubic feet) and 19.8 x 13.8 x 11.8″ (1.8)

Of course, preparing for your move is essential. Check out our moving tips guide.
Our minimum is two movers and a 5-ton truck.
There’s no right or wrong answer here. You should get a minimum of three and ensure your locations is catered for by the moving company. We cover Abbotsford and its surrounding areas in BC.
Prices include Shrink-wrap, Blankets, Dolly’s, Straps, etc.
Yes, and we make sure all your valuable belongings are well packed and treated with care.
Utilities and cable but don’t forget the less important stuff as well. You might have Amazon, PayPal, Credit Cards, Your Bank, Magazine Subscriptions, and other mail to update as well.
An average 5-ton truck will take approx 30% longer than a standard sedan.
We accept cash, credit/debit card or E-transfer.
Yes, you can cancel anytime before 15 days of the move date. If you cancel in less than 15 days before the move, we will charge you our minimum cost only.
Moving insurance is a factor often overlooked until the last minute when relocating. We take care of this for you.
Hazardous materials, potted plants and any other items that can spill in the truck.
As much as possible to secure your desired date.
Yes but we request that you provide the tools.
For most furniture yes as most cant withstand the transportation with the extra weight in them.
Use our free no obligation form to get an instant quote emailed to you.
Yes and we can provide totes for you to get started.


For long distance; commercial and some large moves, you will deal directly with our operations manager who will act as your dedicated move manager.
We can move and even offer some assembly and disassembly services depending on equipment.
We require some information in advance to send the proper staff and equipment to handle items such as photocopiers. Please contact us for a free quote.
Yes but require some specifics to send the proper staff and equipment.

Our experienced team can dismantle furniture for you, but we usually ask that you provide the tools.

Yes, we offer a moving service on weekends and evenings.
We can offer that service.
We recommend you do but it depends on the weight and size of the cabinets. Some cabinet drawers can’t withstand the weight when in transport.
We supply reusable moving totes. You can do this before the move to ensure your items are organised the way you want.
We do offer packing services, and our convenient packing options will suit your move.
We will perform safety checks and add protection to the floor, if required, prior to moving or placing furniture in position.
Our staff are fully trained and experienced in moving goods and packing.
Overnight storage is available.