How to Handle Big Moves?

Handling a big move is easy. All you have to do is address all possible causes of stressors during the move. Good Place Moving Company, a Maple Ridge moving company, will help you make big moves. It is simply a small move but now on a larger scale. It doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you have a professional with years of experience on the job.

Keep Calm

The biggest challenge in making big moves may be to stay calm. People tend to get nervous thinking that things may not work out. This is especially if you are not sure that the moving company will be in a position to handle the move. Sometimes the moving needs become too much for one mover. They will have to hire the services of another mover. The joint effort of two or more companies will make the move a success. Good Place Moving Company can handle big moves all by itself. We are Maple Ridge moving company bringing a difference in the moving industry.

Leaving the Past

A time comes when you have to let go of the past. It does not matter how much you were attached to your home. When the time to move comes, you will have to forget the past and look forward to new and better beginnings. This is an important step in ensuring that the move becomes smooth. While it may be physically and even emotionally draining, the big move is worth it. As among the top of Maple Ridge moving companies, we guarantee that we will move your goods from your home to the desired place. We will do our job. Do your part by ensuring that you release all that you hold for the past willingly.

Identify the Stressors

Many things can cause stress. During a move, stressors can escalate. You need to be vigilant and identify these stressors. Only then can you comfortably begin to solve them. The feeling of being overwhelmed with duties can bring stress. Understand that it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed. However, don’t let this get the better of you. Avoid the cause of this overwhelming feeling by delegating some duties. Sharing of responsibilities helps to half the stress. Give yourself a break and do yoga or meditations. Sort out issues like where you will be staying before your new home is ready. This will make you feel confident about the move.

Don’t be in a hurry to move

Unless it is very necessary that you move in short notice, you don’t have a reason to stress yourself. A big move needs time. You need to plan well and set everything ready. Mistakes during the moving process will lead to problems. You can avoid such by carefully laying out a feasible plan. Your Maple Ridge moving company can help in the process. In fact, it is better to involve the company. This is important in case you need clarifications from their side. Begin early preparations. For a big move, you might need a couple of months before you are comfortable to move.

Part of the plan includes;

  • Contacting your Maple Ridge moving company for a quote
  • Acquiring all the things you need to move like boxes, wrappers, the seal tape
  • Doing the wrapping and packing
  • Setting the tentative moving dates
  • Getting someone to connect power, gas, and cable at the new house

When you are well planned, you move easily. It avoids confusion and removes doubts about making a successful move. Some of the things which you can easily do on your own don’t need a professional. However, other things are better in the hands of people who know best how to handle them.  


It is a lot easier to move when you have downsized. It may seem like a little thing to do but it has an impact. Try to fit all things together into one truck. This is why you need to involve the Maple Ridge moving company. If you think that they can’t be transported in one trip, the solution is to downsize. The value of an item can guide you when deciding what to do away with and what to retain. You should have figured out also how much space your new house has. There is no point transporting several sets of couches only to find out that they can’t all fit in the living room.  

Loading the Truck

Big moves need a lot of calculation. You need to create enough space that allows you to move your goods. A clever way of doing this is to fit some goods into cupboards, drawers, and stuff that have space inside. You can also distribute clothes into huge containers loaded with other things. They will act as a cushion and will not have to take up space in another container. Work out where the things that don’t fit can go to.

Hiring a Storage Space

Ensure that you have a solution to everything. For instance, if you can’t stand parting with your goods, you can hire out some storage space. This way, you don’t have to sell or throw them away. You buy time until you can afford to come for them. Sort out the things that you absolutely need to start life in the new house. The rest of the things can wait inside a warehouse.

Call on a professional

We may want to do things on our own but what happens when you get stuck? You should call on a professional from the Maple Ridge moving company to deal with things. Complicated aspects of the move can be tough for you but not for the professionals. You can have the day for yourself. Focus on other aspects of the move. If you find that you are struggling with something, know that it is time to call someone to help you. Some movers have a full moving package including wrapping, packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking. Find out from the Maple Ridge moving company if they offer this.

Get a free quote from Good Place Moving today and make your big move a reality.