How to Move Fragile Goods

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When the time to move comes, fragile goods need extra care. The things that you consider delicate need special considerations. Wrapping and packing determine the safety of fragile goods while on transit. This means that you need to invest more time and resources in packing them. Good Place Moving Langley movers help when you need to move fragile stuff.

Many fragile items are easy to break. They also go for lofty prices in the market. Things like porcelain, glassware, vases, frames, mirrors, and sculptures can be transported safely. You just need the right equipment and you’ll be good to go. Below are some of the tips that Good Place Moving Langley movers offer you to move fragile things.


The most important step in moving fragile goods is the packing process. You not only need the know-how but you also need the right packing materials. Get boxes of different sizes. You can pack goods in small containers and then put them in large boxes. The boxes should be special such that they can give cushion to the fragile goods. A material lining inside will do this. You can improvise by putting cotton inside the boxes. The boxes should not have large spaces remaining inside. Pack them well so that goods don’t move from side to side when Good Place Moving Langley movers transport them.


Each fragile item should have a wrapping all around it. This is done to avoid damage from other goods as they jostle during transportation. Special wrapping materials are available in the market. If you don’t get them, at least use something like an old newspaper. Doing this does a lot in terms of protecting the goods. Porcelain goods are known to break when they are exposed to extremes of weather. Take good care of them particularly if going to a place with a drastic change in the weather. You may need to let the goods stay in a room for sometime before unpacking. This will allow them to adapt to the new weather.

Securing the Goods

It is not enough to wrap the goods. Before loading the trucks from Good Place Moving Langley movers you need to secure them well. Seal tapes can prove handy in securing fragile goods. Simply stack the fragile items together while ensuring that you have a buffer in between. Tape them together into position and then put them into boxes. This will achieve good structural stability in the whole load. If you do a good job, the goods will reach their destination with their quality preserved. As professional movers, Good Place Moving Langley movers can help you in the packing process. In fact, if you are not sure about something, always let a professional do it. You may end up spending some extra money but it will save you from more serious loss.

The Stacking Order

Heavy stuff should always stay at the bottom. It does not matter how much they are worth. This should be the rule of thumb in moving. You may be tempted to place expensive things on top of cheaper things. You won’t experience any problem if they observe the stacking order. The center of gravity rises if you stack heavy goods on top of lighter ones. This is not safe. The goods will topple over at the slightest chance. Pack the boxes well and slide them to the bottom of the bigger container. As you continue to fill the big container, you may realize that spaces form in between. These should be filled with things like bubble wraps of pieces of clothing.

Mirrors and Frames

Every fragile good has a way that it should be packed. For frames and mirrors, look for narrow boxes. Avoid fitting many mirrors into one box. It is important to wrap each mirror separately. Before putting them together into a box, separate each mirror or frame. You can use clothes, crumpled paper, or spongy material as a cushion between the mirrors. Larger frames and mirrors need boxes with enough space. Once you have wrapped them, Good Place Moving Langley movers can use a moving blanket to offer more protection. Heavy fragile goods should not be put together with light fragile goods. The heavier goods will end up damaging the lighter ones.

Unusually Shaped Goods

Nothing is too difficult to move. With Good Place Moving Langley movers, even the funny shaped goods can be prepared for transit. This includes sculptures and figurines. The only difference between these goods and the regular goods is that you will need more input to wrap and pack. Because of their shape, they need even more special considerations. Some areas will be prone to damage due to stress. The weight of the structures gets concentrated more in some areas. These are the places you need to look out for to avoid damages. Apply extra reinforcement to such areas. The rest is simple. Once you have addressed the special areas, just wrap and cushion them like any other fragile good.  

Label the Goods Properly

If you are moving your entire household, you need to be careful with fragile goods. Label them clearly as fragile. This ensures that they are handled appropriately. There should be no provision for errors. Simply putting these fragile goods in the upside down position can wreak havoc. Therefore, be meticulous with labeling. Let the handlers know exactly what they are dealing with. Good Place Moving Langley movers could use bright stickers if you have them. Shouting colors should be enough to send a warning signal that someone is dealing with fragile items. Less fragile goods should not be put near fragile ones. Neither should they be stacked together. Compartmentalize your move so that you provide for safe transport of fragile stuff.

You don’t have to worry over how to move you fragile goods from one place to another. Good Place Moving Langley movers get this covered for you. Even more important is that your goods will not lose value. There is no need to sell what you cherish. The relics and antiques will be part of your new home. Their location is the only thing that will change. Get to move your household as a complete unit without any worries.