How to Unpack Stuff When Moving

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Moving has many aspects. Unpacking can be quite a challenge. You have just arrived at your new home and everything is in a container. You don’t know where to start. As a moving company, Good Place Moving understands your needs. If you are in need of Abbotsford movers, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips for you when unpacking.

Have a Plan

Planning is the most important part of unpacking. You should plan the entire moving process ahead of time. Therefore, when wrapping and preparing to pack things, remember that you will eventually need to unpack them. You don’t have to be too complicated. Neither do you need to pack carelessly. Both extremes of packing make unpacking difficult. Make sure that you put similar things in the same package. This is to avoid the mayhem of looking for your toothbrush while turning things all over the place.

Make a Checklist

You can’t afford to mess up anything. Things can get mixed up if you don’t have a systematic way of doing things. Begin the checklist in a larger perspective such as listing big boxes and their designated rooms. To do this, you should have a catalog of the things you have moved. This way, you won’t misplace anything. The unpacking process will be orderly. Failure to do your unpacking systematically will lead to double ups and retarded progress. Use a mental map to ensure that you got everything covered. Avoid situations where things are not distributed well in the available rooms. One room ends up being overcrowded while another remains empty.   

Step by Step

It is not enough to have a great checklist. You need to use it well. Set targets and try to achieve them in time. A timeframe in which you must complete your entire unpacking is important to keep you on toes. The process may be tiring but if you have targets you get motivated. There are times when you will need to increase the frequency of working. Always maintain an orderly fashion of doing the unpacking. Resist the temptation to jumble up things by trying to unpack multiple boxes at the same time. It may seem like a great idea but it will only confuse you and ruin your day.  

Have Breaks

You can’t work all day without resting. If you do, you become ineffective. In your unpacking plan, make provisions for breaks. During this time, you can think about what you have achieved so far and make the necessary changes. Polish on areas you think you have not done well to stay ahead of schedule. This is the time to grab a snack or simply rest. When you get back to work, you will be rejuvenated. Don’t make the breaks too lengthy. It will only serve to suck more of your energy. The breaks should serve their purpose of relaxing you from rigorous work. Sometimes you just need a break and it is not yet time for a break. Take the rest and compensate by working extra time.  

Use Appropriate Equipment

Burnouts during the unpacking process come from the use of inappropriate tools. You spend all your energy on unnecessary tasks such as battling with seal tapes. Assemble all the necessary tools before you start unpacking. You will need scissors, dust bins, box cutters, and many more tools. Good Place Moving Company can handle your unpacking for you. It may sound obvious but these little things can hamper the unpacking. For instance, the entire process can end up being a mess if you don’t have garbage bins around. If you have everything set, you can have the best unpacking ever.

The Unpacking Categories

To help you out, here are some categories to use in grouping your things.


You can choose to start unpacking from any container. The crucial thing to observe is order. Unpack all that you will need in the kitchen. This includes all the instruments and utensils that are usually found in your kitchen. Pots, pans, crockery, and pantry will go to the kitchen. If there are some items that you use during special occasions, store them also in the kitchen. Plug the electronics like refrigerators. They should be ready for normal routines.


You can choose to go next to your bathroom essentials. Include all the toiletries for all family members. Set the bathroom so that it is usable. You may need to do some cleaning first with antiseptics and disinfectants if someone else was using the house. Put towels in place and check that everything is working. You will need a shower after the unpacking. Make sure to have everything you need for a couple of days before you go for formal shopping.


Don’t unpack things and still sleep at the couch. The bedrooms should be among the top of the list of unpacking. Begin with the bedroom furniture such as beds and racks. This is the place where you will certainly need a hand and Good Place Moving is willing to help. Check that the bed is firmly fixed before you place bedding on top. Other things like arranging the wardrobe can wait for later. The best you can do for a start is to bring suitcases containing clothes into the room.

Finalizing the Unpacking

When every room has its must-haves, you can do the division of labor amongst family members. Let each family member do their unpacking as they wish in their rooms. When everyone is comfortable, you can now shift your focus to garages and stores.

Don’t Postpone

The benefits of unpacking everything are many. You may never get another opportunity to do the rest of unpacking. Busy work schedules won’t allow you. For this reason, don’t postpone unpacking. Until you finish unpacking, you will not fell at home. You will find it difficult to get some things when you need them. The earlier you finish doing everything the better you stay becomes in the new home.

If you think that you are going to get overwhelmed invite us to assist. Good Place Moving Company will be your partner whenever you need Abbotsford Movers.