Loss of Goods when Moving

How could Goods Get Lost?

Loss of goods is commoner than what people think. In the past, there were few people moving from one place to another. Urbanization has turned things upside down. Guys are always on the move. It is as though the old-fashioned pastoralist tendency is back. Indeed, we are all moving from one place to another in search of ‘greener pastures’. This has brought chaos in the moving world. Every mover tries their best to accommodate the needs of each customer. This is not a problem for Good Place Moving Company because we have the capacity. Struggling movers end up misplacing the goods of the customers in the mayhem. Lucky for most movers though, there is an advancement in the technologies that we use to keep track of stuff. One then wonders how goods still get lost in this sophisticated era.

Stolen Goods

You may wish not to believe this but it is true- goods get stolen. Some unscrupulous movers do this to their unsuspecting customers. What else do you expect if you hire a mover who is not licensed? Chances are that they are in business to steal from you. Good Place Moving Company is fully licensed to operate. We encourage you to ask for proof when you suspect a mover. Ask them for their registration identity and they should be able to give you. Failure to do this basic task means that you are inviting trouble. Watch for this earliest red flag and avoid such movers. You will be safer to look for another mover than to try to conserve time. You may be late and it is understandable. However, they say that better late than never. It applies here too. You should be lucky to get a moving quote that delivers the promise.

Confusion while Purging

The moving process is not free from energy-draining tasks. This is the time when you get confused over small stuff. Good Place Moving Company suggests that you downsize before the move. Doing this will make the process easier. The problem is that there is a tendency to overdo it. You may find out later that you have given out some things which you were not supposed to purge. On reaching your new home, you begin claiming that you can’t see all your goods. Purge carefully. Don’t let the auction confuse you. If you are susceptible to getting confused, note down everything you donate before the move. If you are unsure of what you have just given out, look for the inventory of all your goods. Check all the items that are remaining and see if you can account for all that is absent.

Loss during Packaging

When you get to the packaging process, you need some break intervals. Otherwise, you will lose items during packaging and even subsequently. Some boxes are not strong enough to take the load. You package your goods well but they begin to fall when the boxes get transferred to the trucks. Reinforce the boxes with a tape at the bottom. You can also help prevent loss of goods through packing just enough goods in one box. If you can afford metal boxes, you will be in a better position to secure the safety of your goods. Cover the top of the boxes with a tightly fitting lid. Don’t simply stack boxes on top of the other boxes before covering them. Things will get out when they are being packed into the back of the carrying van. Ensure that you eliminate problems that could arise from your side.

What to do when goods get lost?

When your goods get lost, there is no need to worry. There are protocols that you will follow to claim your precious items. Don’t shy away and lose goods completely. There is always something that you can do to get back the value of your goods. It is the same thing when the mover spoils your goods. This may be intentional damage to goods or unintentional. You have to demand your rights. The mover needs to explain to you what happened. The response from the mover will instruct your further steps. You can choose to settle the matter out of the court or to square it out in a more formal way. The evidence is all you need to get back the value of your items. Don’t skip the step of making an inventory even if you trust your mover. Good Place Moving Company is a trusted Maple Ridge Mover but we still advise you to have an inventory.

Double Checking your Goods

This is the part where you appreciate the need for an inventory. You will get your updated inventory and make sure that the good is indeed lost. The good should have been lost during the moving process and not before or after. You have a time limit at which you need to notify the mover that your goods are lost. They will check on the inventory from their part and confirm whether or not they received the goods. You should unpack everything and try looking for it. The item may be lodged deep inside another box that you mislabeled. Go back to the old house and look for it there. You may have been so busy that you forgot to pack it in the rush. When you are sure that the item is not anywhere in your house, car or any other place you may think off, move to the next step.               

Gathering the Evidence

As you know well, the evidence is the golden key to unlocking your lost claim. Do the write up to describe the details of the item. Recall what it looked like, its name or even the name of the manufacturer. This will help you build a solid case and get back your stuff. Get a picture or anything like a receipt to help the mover identify your good. Most of the times, the mover will acknowledge that they lost the item if you have such kind of evidence. You need to have the convincing power. You may be sure that the mover lost the good but if you don’t have something to prove it, you will have problems. The mover does not wish to make loses. Similarly, you can’t forgo your valuable goods.

File the Claim

Officially notify the moving company that you have lost your good. Good Place Moving Company and other Maple Ridge movers will require you to write a description. This is a formal notification that you have some of your goods missing. Be careful to report the correct information. The moving company will use the details to try to locate your items. Falsifying the information can jeopardize your claim. It is good practice to always be honest. You expect the mover to do the same for you. Don’t misuse the opportunity to claim goods that you didn’t own before. This is fraudulent and you could land in trouble. If you have some things missing after we have moved you, let us know about it as soon as possible. We will take you through the process of claiming back your goods.    

What Were the Moving Terms?

Most people don’t read through the moving contract forms. All they want to do is move from one location to another. They don’t expect any issues. When goods get lost, they begin to run up and down trying to see if they signed the documents right. Be sure of every moving detail. This will make you an informed customer. You are better placed in times of trouble. The moving company is expected to specify the terms. This includes the level of compensation if goods get damaged or lost during the moving process. Moving companies have a standard compensation which you should be aware of. They will repay lost or damaged goods at a rate. This could be at $0.60 per pound of an item on transit. This means that you get that amount per pound of the good regardless of the value. There are other additional insurance policies which are more favorable.

Money Back

What is the cost of losing a household item? Most customers will appreciate a token of money to compensate for their goods. Good Place Moving Company is a responsible Maple Ridge mover. We know that some things can’t get settled with money. This is just a show of concern for your belongings. The goods may have an emotional attachment. If possible, the individual needs the good back and nothing else. The inconvenience that the mover has caused you also adds to the total value of the good. Let’s say you lost a laptop worth $300. If we replace the total amount that you used to buy it, we are only doing something to help. There are things that you have stored in there and they could be more valuable than the laptop. High-value goods need to get a proper form of insurance. Alternatively, you can carry it in your car and avoid the hassles associated with moving.

Should you sue the mover?

Suing the mover is a last resort. This may be farfetched. Before you are in that place where you want to sue the mover, exhaust all other options. Good Place Moving Company will address your concerns as soon as possible. If you feel that you need us to do something more, let us know through our website. Writing a review on the website will draw some attention and you may get help. The cost of filing a lawsuit against the mover may cause you to break the bank. Avoid it if possible. You may end up getting more loss through such legal steps. But who should stop you if you are up to the task? You may have a real reason and feel that the only way out it to get the judge’s ruling. To avoid such problems, get a trusted mover. Ask around and you will get some ideas to help you decide on the mover. Some movers are cunning and they have great reviews. When you read through the reviews, you find that the statements are questionable. Movers that you got as referrals are the best.

Preventing Problems better than Solving

Before you make the move, look out for possible problems. Each problem should get a solution. If you have trust issues with the mover, ask for some concrete evidence. Spend enough time to look for someone you can trust. It is better to deal with a mover that you know many details about their company. Good Place Moving Company is a reputable mover. We care about the experiences of our customers. Being in the business for many years has taught us to appreciate every customer. We can’t risk offering poor services. We always make sure that we give the best that is available. You deserve to get a decent move and have a thing less to worry over. Our professional moving services will guarantee you a happy move.

Improving the Inventory

Technological advancement is there to help make work easier. Instead of filling excel spreadsheets, you can use QR coding and get a better inventory. Even if the mover tries to claim that they did not receive the good, you have something that will silence them. If you are good with an inventory, make sure that it is something reliable. Human errors contribute to the loss of goods. The items could get lost even before you have entered them into the inventory. To make it an efficient process, make sure that you have a way of confirming that you have entered all goods. This basic step of the moving process can make all the difference. It will not only help to secure your goods but it will also help you make a claim.