Do-It-Yourself Move Versus Hiring A Professional Moving Company

We all know that moving is never as cheap or comfortable as we’d like it to be. Therefore, most people consider renting a truck and recruit a few volunteers to help with the move. It could work if you are moving to a new home within the same area. But when it comes to long-distance moves, for instance to another area in the same city, you need professional movers to ensure your belongings reach your next destination safely, without damage.

But each household has a different set of needs and mostly are on a budget. In that case, it is best to note down all the services you need before you decide whether to hire a truck and make a move yourself or hire a moving company to take care of everything for you.


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When it comes to relocating to a new home or office, it is never too early to start off with your relocation preparation. You have to do so many things that stress you out and make decisions about your new rental or purchase, that you hardly get time to plan your move. Many might wonder whether they could avoid all the stress and discomfort that moves generally bring. If you are one of them, you must decide whether moving yourself is best for you or hiring professional movers for your upcoming move is a better idea.


Below are three questions that will help you make the right decision regarding your move:


1. How much stuff are you planning to move?


If you have a lot of stuff at your home and have to pack everything properly, then movers are the easier option. It is also very important to know the weight of your goods because that will determine the size and type of moving vehicle that is appropriate for you.


2. How far are you relocating?


If you are moving down the street, it will be for you to do things on your own rather than hire a moving company to move your good down the street. But if you are relocating to another area in the city or a different city altogether, you definitely need a professional moving company that can ensure the safe transfer of goods.


3. How difficult and time-consuming is your move?


Do you have many antique objects at your home or valuable and/ or breakable items that may get damaged along the way? If you have large collections, an expensive car, or lots of home appliances, you need professional packers and movers to help you with your move. Hiring a professional company saves you a lot of time and effort. A moving company can fully cater to all your needs and provide you additional services to ensure a comfortable move.


Below is a detailed list of expenses of a Truck Rental Company as of May 2017 to help you calculate the cost of a Do It Yourself Move.


  • 139$ 5-ton truck rental Minimum

  • 32$ insurance Minimum

  • 50$ for 5 bundles of blanket rental

  • 16$ for 2 dollies

  • 10$ for four wheeler dolly

  • 10$ for 5 furniture straps

  • 26$ for shrink wrap

  • Plus fuel (75$ average move minimum)

  • Plus 0.32$ per KM (32$ for 100km average from truck rental yard to your move and back)

  • Plus 7%PST


The aggregate amount is $398.45$$ (excluding labor cost, driver, or any insurance on your valuables)


Good Place Moving Company is a professional moving company based in Abbotsford, offering customized move plans.The company shrink wraps your stuff, cover it with blankets and strap it down in the truck professionally. It stays on schedule and delivers the goods to your next destination on time.


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