Special Packaging

How to pack before the move

Ask any mover and you will get the same answer that packing is a very important part of the moving process. It is so crucial that it determines whether the move will be a success or not. That is why whenever you are moving from one place to another, the big question should be packing. Before you think of calling to get a quote from the mover, make a packing plan. At Good Place Moving Company, all you have to do is let us know that you need packing services during the moving process. The rest is easy; we will evaluate and identify the best way to pack your stuff. Household goods form the bulky part of the moving process. The more you have a variety of the household items, the more complex the moving process becomes.

Making a Packing List

It is better to know what you are dealing with in a more precise manner. You can do this by making a long list of every item in your house. The first step is to just identify all that will be moved to the new location. The next is to categorize them into simple and complicated. The classification will depend on how easy it is to pack the good. If you think that an item needs no more than wrapping materials and a box, put it in the simple slot. Those that seem impossible to package in the first place will rest in the complicated list of goods. Make the whole moving process easy through this arrangement. Good Place Moving Company and other Chilliwack movers prefer simplified moves.

Organization is Effective Moving

Remember that you know your house better than anyone else. Even if we will help you in the packaging process, we would have trouble identifying what we need for each good in the house. We will need the list to prepare the special packing materials to come with. This helps us to be more effective in handling your items. There is no easier way to do this than to have you make the list. If you have moved before, it is easier for you. You simply add to the previous list the newly acquired items. The good thing is that once you make the list, you can use it to make more moves in the future. You will only be updating it as soon as you buy or sell things in the house.

Make your Own Inventory

Don’t underestimate your goods. Wait until you begin the packing process and you will appreciate the need for a list. The other importance of the list is to use in making an inventory. You can keep it to counter check with the mover that all items are present and intact. This is after the move to the new destination. Many things happen along the way to your new home. If you are not careful, you won’t have any proof of claim that your goods are lost or damaged.

The Need for Proper Packing

You may not know yet but packing goods well will ensure their safety during transit. At Good Place Moving Company Chilliwack mover, we have several years of experience in moving. We can’t move goods unless they are properly packaged. It is troublesome to the mover and causes wreckages. Indeed, many breakages and damage claims come from improper packing. The customer may demand compensation on goods. Our trucks are also at risk of damage from improperly packed goods. It goes without saying that packaging of goods well is a safety measure to the goods, the trucks, and the workers.

Package Goods Regardless of Situation

The temptation to move goods without proper packing comes especially when handling short distance moves. Both the mover and the customer may be convinced that there is no need to do the hard work of packing. While things may go well, sometimes it becomes a regrettable move. To prevent discouraging outcomes, make it a point to pack goods at all times. You can always do it yourself or ask an expert to help you.

Basic Measures

Observing the basic packing measures should help you make packing progress. This includes ensuring that the boxes are strong enough to handle the type of goods. You may reinforce the boxes by adding a tape lining at the bottom of the box. Due to an increase in the carrying load, the bottom of the box can give in and your items will fall down. Corrugated boxes are the best when it comes to packing. If you can get such boxes, it will make the moving process better. They can be closed tightly after you have packed your items to fit tightly inside.

Prepare Tools of Trade

The different items that need to be moved come in different shapes, weights, and sizes. Put smaller items into a huge box in large numbers. Ensure that they don’t overweigh the box. The individual weights of these items add up to a great mass. For bigger goods, put them into boxes alone as single items. Deciding which item can fit into the available boxes is time-consuming. It will reduce time wastage in subsequent moving procedures. This includes instances when we have to stop the truck to repackage again into their boxes when they spill over. Purchase packing and other moving supplies in bulk. You can always return the excess boxes to the retailer. This is better than running to the store every time you realize that there are goods that you have not packed. Make the process as seamless as possible and you will enjoy the move.

Common Packing Supplies

Chilliwack Packing and moving

To give you an idea of what the packing process looks like, here is a handy list of commonly used moving supplies;

  • Boxes
  • Wraps
  • Box cutters
  • Scissors
  • Tapes
  • Sharpies
  • Labels
  • Protective gear
  • Covers
  • Cleaning supplies

The above list has put the moving requirements into classifications. It is upon you to try and find the exact item that will be useful in preparing a particular household item. Moreover, there are no fast hand rules when it comes to moving. You need to be creative and even invent some idea of how to make the moving process easy.

Protect yourself

The setting should be free from danger to you or other people. Wear protective gear when beginning the packing process. Some items may be very dirty and pose a risk of infection. Others may have chemical irritants that will cause your skin or eyes to itch. Plastic gloves which are reusable can do a perfect job for you. Use trash bags, and cleaning supplies to stay healthy.

Boxes and Wraps are Invaluable

The commonest moving supplies of all times remain to be boxes and wraps. It is almost impossible to move without these supplies. They are the most basic and are quite easy to acquire. Different boxes should be purchased to ensure that you have many options in which to place the goods. Apart from your standard moving boxes, you can have additional special moving boxes. Uniquely shaped goods can fit into these customized moving boxes with ease. Place valuable and fragile goods into such types of boxes. Ideally, they should have perfect fitting boxes which match into their shapes. If you can’t have access to these types of boxes, make the necessary changes to accommodate them in the standard moving boxes. Perforated bubble wraps are special types of packing wraps that are useful in protecting small valuables as well as delicate goods.      

Securing Goods

At Good Place Moving Company, we recommend the use of reinforcements and bins to secure goods. This is a very important part of the packing process. It will offer a level of safety to goods. It will protect the items from the damaging effects of environmental factors. At the same time, your goods will reach their destination in their initial state. You can use the tapes, scissors, and sharps to fashion out a bin or a cover for the boxes. Strong bins help offer an extra protection as you stack goods together. It is common practice to place heavy stuffed boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones can sit on top.

Stack Delicates on Top

Delicate goods should stay on top of others too. If the boxes crumble, the goods on top will damage those below the boxes. Bins are not only for closing the boxes; use them to pack miscellaneous items like socks, shoes, clothes, and sports equipment. Heavy duty boxes are not the best for packing small items such as books. Reserve them for bulky items like cushions, blankets, curtains, and lampshades. Protect lampshades first with appropriate wraps before they are placed in the boxes.

All Types of Moves under one roof  

Special goods need special packing materials. This should not scare you or give you a headache at all. We have the necessary materials to do all types of packing. We will prepare your goods for transit and ensure safety. Our workers have the skills and professionalism to achieve such tasks. We will make your moving needs a reality regardless of the scales. We are the top Chilliwack movers who do household moves, apartment moves, office moves, long distance moves, amongst other types of moves. Doing business or office moves is different from residential moves. The moving supplies are different. The biggest distinguishing factor between the two types of moves is the carrying capacity. Moving a whole office from one region to another will require larger trucks, and dollies. We have the capacity to do such moves for you. Our moving services are diversified to include all types of clients.

Moving Electronics

When moving electronics, there are some special considerations pertaining to packing and transport. Make sure that the electric appliances are unplugged from the power supply. This will make our work easier and ultimately safe. If you have a refrigerator and you want it moved, you should have it plugged off from the mains as early as a day prior. The refrigerator unit needs to drain off excess water before we transport it. Microwaves should have their inner table taped firmly in position. Otherwise, it will break the glass door. This applies to all other electronics with glass screens and moving inner parts. Most devices have manuals with instructions on how to pack and transport. Stick to the manual requirements and you will never go wrong.

Kitchenware Packaging

The special bubble wrap will package kitchenware such as China and ceramics. Knives and sharp cutlery also need extra packaging. A simple way to make the kitchenware safe is to place paper pieces in between the plates, cups, spoons, to prevent them from breaking and chipping during the move. Tight bundle wraps should be added on top of the usual wrapping to ensure added safety. Only put them into boxes when you have a guarantee that they will be safe. Cover expensive furniture at the edges or else they will chip and lose value.

Final Touches

If you have to stack furniture together, use things like bed sheets in between. This will protect the surfaces from getting scratches. People mostly put furniture in double stacks in the van and they should always get protection. Fine art, antiques, musical instruments like the piano and other unique items need special movers to handle them. You should ask your mover if they offer special moving services. Don’t assume that the moving company will do all the household moves. Some don’t move pianos for instance. Good Place Moving Company does piano moves. If you do a proper packaging job, you should expect to have a wonderful moving experience.

Let us know if you need any more information or moving quotes and we will be quick to reply.