Moving While on a Budget

The Cost of Moving

Moving can be an expensive affair. There are many things that contribute to the moving cost. Some of these things are avoidable. Others can’t let you move unless you have addressed them. Moving companies charge different rates. For Good Place Moving Company, our customers enjoy the economies of scale. We have acquired the equipment which we use in moving. Our services become affordable because we don’t have to hire trucks, forklifts, and other moving equipment. Years of experience in the moving industry have helped us to know the needs of our customers. When the customer demands a full-service move, they get it from us. If you want to get more involved in the moving process, we have your back. We have worked our way to the top of Surrey movers. You shouldn’t worry over anything if you are moving with us. We have the necessary expertise to handle your move.

Get the Moving Estimate

Part of the moving process involves careful planning. Good Place Moving Company will give you a free moving estimate. We don’t want you to begin paying for the quote as it will make moving expensive. As the name suggests, it is an estimate. It gives you a rough idea of what to expect during the move. Our moving estimate is fairly accurate. We are not interested in making a huge dent in your bank. All we want to do is help you move and settle into your new home. You may not be in a position to know the exact final cost of moving. There are other moving expenditures which you will incur. They include things like buying the materials for packaging goods. This is where the secret lies in moving under a tight budget. Cut the unnecessary expenditures.  

Do the research

There are many Surrey movers. Some of them are too costly while others are affordable. Good Place Moving Company offers affordable and quality moving services. We don’t sacrifice on quality to make the move cheap. From the face value, a moving quote may seem cheap. But if the company has additional costs that may be hidden, you will end up regretting the move. It is better to do a proper research first. Before you sign that moving contract, get the facts right. Many movers who are out to make unreasonable profits will capitalize on your lack of understanding of the moving terms. An informed customer has the ability to cut the moving costs to the minimum. Do you really have to take a full cover for your short distance move? Such questions will help you decide on what can stay out of the budget.

Compare the Quotes

Sometimes we are quick to judge. The best mover is not necessarily the cheapest. There are other things to look at. One of such things is the additional services. After doing your research, you will be in a better position to establish who is a truly affordable mover. Let the mover give you a breakdown of the cost per service. This means that you should know how much they charge for packing, unpacking, reassembly, storage, and so on. Every bit of the moving estimate needs to be affordable. This is your chance to further make comparisons. You can then choose to strike off something else in the budget. You may not need the packaging services for instance. Why then should you pay for it? Unless, of course, you afford to spend, you should cut every unnecessary cost. There are advantages that come with professional services. However, for the sake of the budget, you can forgo some of them.

Too good to be true

Just because you are moving on a budget, you shouldn’t fall into a trap. One way to identify moving traps is when the estimate is too good to be true. Be on the lookout for fraudsters. They don’t come dressed in masks; they are the movers who offer a quote that is unreal. There are some ways to navigate through the possible pitfalls. One way is to figure out why they are sounding that cheap. Play the detective role here for the sake of your goods. If you don’t find the reason, ask. Good Place Moving Company and other reputable Surrey movers will give answers to customers. This should be something that the mover does on demand. Analyze the answers and determine if there is the truth. If you trust the answers as satisfactory, go ahead and sign the contract. But if you have doubts, think twice.


Well, there are those moves which you can do it yourself. If not the entire move, there are some parts of the moving process which you can handle. If you are moving on a tight budget, you should consider doing most of the things yourself. This will make the move cheaper. Good Place Moving Company allows you to pack or do some parts of the process. We will come and help you complete the move. Explore all the options and decide on what you will handle. People who have a moving experience can do the entire move on their own. The challenge may be the need to hire a truck or moving equipment. Friends and family members can help you do the move. As some will be wrapping, others will be packing and others will load the van. Each member takes part in the different processes.

Packing on your own

Now that you are bent on making the move as cheap as possible, how do you pack? If you have never moved before, it can be tricky. You need to have an idea of the materials you need to use. You should make a list of all the goods in the house. Every good may need a form of wrapping material. Some goods such as clothes and sporting equipment may not need wrapping. Categorize goods as those that need wrapping and those that don’t. After that, you can begin packing those which don’t need anything extra. Remain with those that need special packing. Wipe or clean the goods while packing. Be organized. Once you have packed a box, move it out of the way. This will make the packing efficient and seamless. If you can get a helping hand, that would be better.     

Do you have to buy the Packaging Material?

Boxes and wraps are expenses that you can cut very effectively. Your budget is already limited. You can’t afford to ask the mover to come with new supplies for packing. You need to improvise and be creative. Get the boxes for free! Where do you start? Look for boxes which you have accumulated in the house over time. The boxes which you used to carry your new TV set, shopping, and groceries will do. Let your friends know that you are moving. They will be more than happy to offer you some of their boxes for the move. Get the courage to visit your local store and ask for the boxes. You can get good boxes all for free. The chances are that these people don’t need the boxes. They may be glad that you asked for them. Even the recycling center can be of great help.

Use what you have

Saving money means that you have to find a clever way to use what is available. Old towels, rags, sheets, can become very handy during the packing process. You can package your china or fragile goods in between sheets, newspapers, or pieces of clothing. Your aim is to ensure that the goods reach home safely. There is no need to be fancy with bubble wraps and get financial constraints after the move. Understand that you only need these materials during the transportation of your goods. After that, you will throw them away. So, figure out how best you can move without having to but the extra materials. The greatest way to save money in the entire moving process is to avoid buying anything. Be careful though, using low-quality boxes can cause goods to be damaged. You can reinforce them sing a masking tape.


During the valuation, you can save a lot of money. Good Place Moving Company offers many types of coverage for our customers. You could decide to choose the default full value protection. This means that you will get back the value of the goods if they get damaged. Other people go for the separate liability coverage which is an extra protection of goods. These types of cover for goods in transit are quite expensive. The other type of cover is the release value protection. Here, you only get $0.60 per pound of every item on transit. Insurance can be a luxury if you are making a short distance move. Choose the cheapest cover and get to move. This is better than not moving at all because you are on a budget. At the same time, you will have a form of a cover and get back some value for goods if they are damaged.    

The Moving Date

You need to choose the moving date carefully. This calls for early planning. Find a day of the month that is likely to be off-peak. People prefer to move at the end of the month. It is the time when they feel that they should begin living in a new house. Other reasons include that it is when they get paid, or when they need to pay rent in the house. Avoid moving during the times when more than half of the total moves take place. You can choose a crazy day like a public holiday when most people are concerned with festivity. For you, you want to move and the budget does not allow. Avoid the weekends since people find time to move. Doing this simple task will save a lot. You are likely to get a discount from the standard moving charges.          

Making money from the Move

This may come as a shock to someone who is on a tight budget. How do you make money when moving? It is simple; sell some of your stuff. Some of your unwanted belongings can earn you money. Auction them and you will get all sorts of offers. Choose the most efficient buyer. This is as a strategy to conserve the money you get from the sale. The preferred buyer is the one who will come for the goods. They will save you the cost of transporting the goods to the garage for sale. Seize such opportunities and maximize on them. As you begin to pack, note the goods that don’t add much value to your house. Duplicate goods don’t help much. An old microwave may never get the chance to be used. You could sell it now that you are on a tight budget.

Consider the Consequences First

As you try to make the move cheap, you may be a victim of poor services. Good Place Moving Company offers full-service moves in Surrey and beyond. These services are professional and help protect your goods. If you are on a tight budget, don’t overdo the cutting of costs. One example is the use of newspapers in wrapping china. You will save on a lot of costs when you do this. However, your china may get spoilt. But it is your packing that caused the damage. The moving company is not liable. You will face the consequences alone. Saving money should be a subject that you must approach with caution. If possible, weigh the benefits versus the risks first. Any time the risks outweighs the benefits, you are at a losing end. You may end up using a lot of money to recover goods which you have spoilt in the attempt to conserve money.