Office Moves Made Easy

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No two moves can ever be the same. Office moves are way different from house moves. Some companies can only do some types of moves. In that case, you might have to hire more than one company if you have multiple moving needs. Good Place Moving Company is your Surrey moving company with different packages. We do a range of moves including household moves and office moves. We will help you from the start to the end of the moving process. For a start, here are some tips when handling office moves.

Early Planning

Office moves require a lot of things to be put into consideration. You’ll need to coordinate employees and make sure that you do an equipment check and paperwork. This requires you to plan ahead of time. In fact, if you think that you are not yet fully ready, you may have to wait until everything is set. Otherwise, your office move will be hectic. Begin by letting your staff and clients know that you plan to move. This way, they can adjust themselves appropriately. You don’t want to lose customers in the moving frenzy.  

Solve Problems as they arise

When you are decided on making the move, solve problems as early as in the planning process. Think of potential issues that can occur and find solutions for them. For instance, you should begin to work out a new mail address. Don’t wait until the problem brings loses in the firm is when you begin to act. Figure out how you can make the move smooth. Involve the necessary stakeholders in the planning process. Some difficult problems can have simple solutions coming from someone you least expect. Avoid doing everything alone as it can be difficult to foresee some problems singlehandedly.

Go Professional

You may have made local arrangements and moved your house items successfully in the past. However, the dynamics of office moves are quite different. It is time you sought professional help. If you want to move to Surrey or its surrounding, Good Place Moving can help out. Office moves need coordination. This is what you get when you hire a professional mover. The workers from the moving company will ensure that your office furniture remains safe. Any underestimations will be reevaluated if you have professional hands working on the gig. You will also benefit from the tools that the mover offers.

Distribute Tasks

The office team should help you when moving. You don’t have to pack their desks. Let the staff handle that for you. The benefit of doing this is to ensure that no one complains that their stuff got misplaced. They can just pack and let the professional mover do the rest. The heavy lifting should be handled using appropriate equipment. Most moving companies have their own forklifts to tackle such tasks. If they don’t have, they can hire them from someone else. Your duty is to ensure that boxes are carefully labeled. Even as you pack, remember that you will eventually have to unpack.   

Hold People Responsible

It feels good when your manager trusts you with something. Assign your staff with different responsibilities. Let them report their progress. Use all the gathered information to make a moving plan. No one should feel left out. Be as inclusive as possible. You could have some people watching over an entire department. Others can have a subcategory specially set for them. Depending on your workforce, you can choose to either split or combine some departments. Be the one making these decisions to avoid confusion. Several things can run at the same time.

Make a Good Budget

Part of the planning process is budgeting. Ensure that you have organized finances well. An office move can turn into a large-scale operation. You don’t want to get stuck at financing the move. Get every aspect factored in. don’t assume that packing material is not significant to budget for. Even the cost of removal should form your budget. Consider the cost incurred for canceling utilities. Make provision for the loss of productivity while on the move. When you are done with your budget, add some money for miscellaneous needs.

Use Quality Packing and Wrappings

Financial constraints can make you think of cheap packing alternatives. This is not advisable when doing an office move. You want to make sure that you move things without getting them damaged. They should be ready to work in the new destination. Sacrifice and acquire good wrapping and packing materials. You can buy metal boxes if you will need to move frequently. Alternatively, you can choose to hire some packing containers and return them after use. The goal is to ensure that you preserve the quality of your office goods.


There is no better time to upgrade your office as when moving. The people who are resistant to change won’t mind if it is done during a move. You don’t have to transport the things that you no longer need. This adds up the moving cost for no good reason. Sell them or donate them. Let the moving company move only what you need. New furniture can be transported by the company selling them. This is a great hack to saving a lot of money at your convenience. You achieve two things at the same time- moving and upgrading.

Time the Move

Your moving plan should have a time limit. Move everything within this time. To avoid feeling as if you are not on the schedule, set enough time for the move. A couple of days to move should be enough. Even so, don’t be too strict. You will get your staff worked up and they may end up needing a sick leave. You can extend the deadline if there is a need.

Work on Your Destination

As you move, have you figured out the floor space in the new office? Good Place Moving will help you determine how the items will fit in the new office. The final destination can guide you on what to sell and what to buy while on the move. If everything follows a plan, be sure to enjoy your office move.