Top 5 Tips for Moving Houses in Maple Ridge

After securing your new dream house, it is time to plan the moving process. For the next few weeks, you will be putting things in order. Hiring the best Maple Ridge movers sure promises stress-free moving. For hassle-free moving, keep in mind the dos and don’ts of moving house. Having a moving guide, therefore, guarantees homeowners seamless moving.

Here are the top tips that guarantee a stress-free move.

Book a Maple Ridge Moving Company

Begin the process by booking a Maple Ridge moving company. This way, you build trust and work towards successful moving as a team. Book the Maple Ridge movers long before the moving date. It also gives you enough time to take care of other details of moving.

When looking for a moving company, ask relevant questions, and understand their moving policy. Be sure to ask the following questions:

  • Do they offer liability insurance on all the items?
  • Are there items they will pack themselves?
  • Do they provide moving boxes?
  • How do they move fragile and valuable items?
  • What is the estimated moving time and cost?


With clear answers, you can rest assured that your belongings are insured during the move. It also helps you avoid any hidden costs.

Declutter your Items

Most Maple Ridge movers advise that you declutter first. It’s a great idea, given that the process can get stressful. The process should involve careful sorting of all your belongings, which helps you retain those that you need to move.

Look and your belongings and decide on what needs to be disposed of. Not every item in your house deserves space in your new house. After all, what’s the need for spending extra money moving items that are not as useful?

Selling, donating, and disposing of bits of help declutter your stuff. This way, you can be sure that what’s left is worth packing. What’s more, selling some of your belongings would mean extra dollars in your wallet.

Get your Moving Essentials

Some Maple Ridge moving companies provide moving bins. They may recommend special packaging boxes as well. Get newsprint paper, boxes, marker pens, and tapes ready for the process. Maple Ridge movers prefer that all box sizes for the different items be available as well.

Boxes can be sourced from family, friends, or your nearest store. Liquor stores and retailers may also be great places to get your moving boxes.

Create an Inventory

An inventory helps you keep track of your belongings before and after moving. It ensures that all items are packed before moving. With it, you can also ascertain that all the packed items get to your new house. Maple Ridge movers can help create an inventory if you hire them to pack your items.

Pack and Label Properly

When packing, start with the easy-to-forget items – those that you can’t afford to leave behind. Preferably, pack items in the least used rooms first. The most used items should be packed last, just before moving. Appropriate labeling helps to identify items easily. It also gives you and the Maple Ridge movers an easy time when ticking off your inventory.

Ready to move into your new house? Good Place Moving Company advises that you book your Maple Ridge movers and declutter your items early. Don’t forget to create an inventory, get your moving essentials, and label your boxes appropriately.