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Good Place Moving Company

Across Canada, our employees don’t just come to work, they come to make a difference. The reason for this is that they know that moving is often a big change in our customer's lives. No matter where you may be moving to, everyone wants tog move to a Good Place. Once you get to that Good Place, you also want to have a Good Start. That's why we strive to make every move a smooth and pleasant experience. Through 20 years of experience, customer feedback, and innovation we have created a moving company which efficiency and reliability. With a relentless focus on providing the most seamless moving experience possible for our customers, we want to ensure you get to that Good Place.

"Since we started the company in 2006, we have focused on providing the most seamless and positive customer experience possible. This includes everything from packing, moving and storing your belongings in a safe and reliable manner."

- Ray, Founder

Our Mission

Providing Canadians with a seamless and reliable moving experience from coast to coast.

Good Place Moving was founded in 2006, after we experienced a terrible moving experience ourselves.
We are committed to the long-term, customer-centric future and aim to achieve sustained growth that provides enhanced value to customers and industry partners.
Yes, we have implemented a Quick Quote system which you can use to obtain a custom-tailored quote no matter where you are moving to in Canada.
Yes, we are more than happy to move both your Residential as well as Commercial belongings from anywhere and to anywhere in Canada.
We are fully bonded and insured in case of any unforeseen circumstances that cause any damage to your belongings.