How to find the best moving company in surrey

How to find the best moving company in surrey

You’ve landed to this article that means you’re planning to move your house or business in Surrey or somewhere near it.
But before that, you must know that there is a range of important considerations that you have to take into account while you’re planning for a transfer. In addition to collecting materials and sorting out logistics, you’re also definitely going to be looking at hiring a moving company.
A moving company is a business that helps individuals and companies move their things from one location to another. It provides all-inclusive relocation services such as packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, organizing things to be transported. Cleaning services for homes, offices, or warehousing facilities can provide additional services.
A smart way to simplify the whole process of moving is to recruit movers. Although this certainly impacts your wallet, it’s a back-breaking task to drive by yourself, and there’s a lot to be said about the relief that comes with handing off the burden. Trained movers will not only take the heavy lifting off your back, they will also make your time for other critical moving day tasks easier and free the whole day.

What should I consider when choosing a moving company?

There are quite a lot of moving companies in Surrey to choose from for your move. It is always a tricky thing to do to pick a mover. There are seldom really bad options. Going to Google and typing “moving company near me” in a fast search will get you a list of names, but when choosing who you trust with your most important belongings, you can do more digging than that. When you’re looking for a moving company, here are the 7 things you should always remember.

  1. The company should have a successful track record.
  2. Ensure that the moving company offers you insurance for your belongings.
  3. Look for the company’s BBB Rating. A BBB rating is a customer satisfaction metric. The higher the rating, the better.
  4. Rates should be transparent and no hidden charges must be there.
  5. Where the company is located? The closer to you and your new home, the lesser they will charge.
  6. Look for reviews about the company from friends and family or search for online reviews and read them by taking out some time.
  7. Don’t forget to get quotes from more than one moving company!

With over ten years of experience serving clients in Abbotsford BC and its surrounding regions, we strive to be the most experienced and reliable moving company in Surrey – the Fraser Valley. We take pride in timely, skilled service, and fair prices. We are fully licensed, Bondable, and WorkSafe BC Protected, fully insured. You can count on us when you try to select the right moving company or a long-distance moving company in the Fraser Valley!
We Offer:

  • Long Distance Moving
  • Local Moving
  • Commercial Moves
  • Residential Moves
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Piano/Pool Table Moves
  • Heavy Equipment Moves
  • Labor Services

Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are qualified to help make things simple and stress-free for your moving and packing experiences. To help you plan for moving day, read some of our moving tips or contact us for a free online quote. It’s our number one priority to make our clients happy.

Why Choose Good Place Moving?

As we are skilled, efficient, and trustworthy movers, families and businesses choose us for their moving and prefer us over other moving companies in Surrey. Our low rates have made us one of Surrey’s best removal services.
We are serving in all areas of Surrey – all six town centers:

  1. Fleetwood
  2. South Surrey
  3. Whaley/City Centre
  4. Guildford
  5. Cloverdale
  6. Newton

You can move anywhere within the city using our services. We choose the shortest and the safest route for your belongings so that nothing gets damaged in the process. Our employees are well trained in packing, moving, unpacking, and placing fragile goods in houses and offices.
We also work in the Abbotsford, Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley area, Mission, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, and elsewhere.
Choose our professional and experienced team for making your moving experience smooth and effortless..!

You call us @ 604-381-4471 to book your move.

Top 5 tips for easy moving in Surrey

Top 5 Tips for easy moving In Surrey

Every move begins with great planning. Whether you want to move in a month or within a few weeks, a proper strategy can be helpful to gain good control over locating things at different places.
You can hire a moving company in Surrey for a stress-free move, But here are 5 tips that can make your move an effortless activity.

1) Make a detailed list

Starting from a list is the most convenient way to pack your belongings. Your list may include old clothes, working electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, hygiene supplies, Footwears, and many other things. The list can be long or short according to your packing need. Looking at this list, it is easy to navigate and determine how many boxes you will need while relocating.

2) Choosing the right and sorted packing boxes

All boxes should be tight-fitting, strong, and easy to carry. Boxes come in all sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. Most of the moving companies in surrey offer boxes for packing. If you have fewer containers, you may buy the boxes. This is the easiest way to keep your belongings safe, secure, and organized properly.

3) Reliable carrier

To transport household appliances, large furniture and all the important documents should contact the best transport company. The moving companies in Surrey provide modern technology for the careful handling of your belongings. It is mandatory to seek help from experienced loaders. The cost of transportation may vary upon the equipment size such as refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, etc. They need strict care. Therefore, loading costs may vary according to the loads.

4) Emergency Packing

It is worth preparing an extra small box of all important things. This may contain warm clothing, toothbrush, charger, dishes, etc. Packing the emergency items and keeping them with you is a great choice as the necessary things will be with you if the main load is delayed on the way. There can be many situations of delaying load, such as weather, carrier problem, etc. You can instantly use your urgent stuff without waiting for the main load.

5) Arrival Preparation

You will feel less stressed if you put some things like changing credit card addresses, new cable setup on your list. If you complete these tasks before moving, you may spend your precious time in decorating your new house and unpacking your belongings. Maximum time can be saved by doing these tasks before moving to a new house.

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Enjoy the Moving Process with Good Place Moving

Moving should be fun instead of a Headache. So to keep you organized and stress-free Good place moving can help you in moving your belongings in Surrey. We are known as the best moving company in Surrey. From making a list of your goods to provide a bunch of strong boxes- we deal with everything.

Good Place Moving offers High quality, suitable, long-distance, short distance, and storage services. We provide transparent quotes with no hidden fees.

Contact us today! to get the free quote @ (604) 381-4471! or to know about a quote for your relocation, whether long-distance or short-distance.

We are also available on Google as Good Place Movers Surrey

How to find a professional surrey mover?

How to find a professional surrey mover?

Moving is a very tiring activity, especially when it has to happen in the busiest city like surrey. When relocating different items requires lots of time, money, and hard work. Therefore, selecting a surrey mover can be a wise choice. There are many companies who already providing great moving services in surrey. So the question arises when it comes to choosing a good service in moving precious items.
Its obvious people will approach the company that has huge goodwill in terms of surrey movers. What aspects should be kept in mind while choosing a surrey mover?

  1. Licensed and insurance
    Yes, these two things are prominent to watch whenever you go for movers in surrey. To check their business license, you may simply ask them to show you. It sounds weird, but a good and important question to ask! secondly, insurance of their business is equally important which will guard any possible damage while relocating your valuable belongings.
  2. A good Market value
    Good market value means a great reputation or goodwill in the moving market. No one should want to trust surrey movers blindly as it could be fraudulent to them. Ask people, get references may put a great impact on your thinking in choosing a surrey mover. Almost all companies offer an affordable cost of moving items and obviously cost depends upon the distance you want to cover. Inquiring from the neighborhood gives optimum variety in opting best movers in surrey.
  3. Offering extra facility rather than just moving
    After looking for brand value and license, the third important thing to consider is an extra facility in terms of moving. Such as providing boxes to carry your belongings. It may add some extra income to surrey movers but a very accurate way to carry your items from one place to another. It will help you to relocate easily.

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Why you should opt for Good Place Moving as surrey movers?

Many companies come to mind when you go through all the above aspects for moving, but Good Place Moving is capable to fulfill all of your moving needs. Our Moving Company covers all the 3 aspects and can be beneficial as:

  1. a stress and damage-free moving of your items
  2. fully equipped with a versatile labor
  3. Provide box facility on low rates
  4. Punctual every time in any way
  5. very affordable and transparent moving quotes (No hidden charges)

We believe to be real in this virtual environment, if you want to relocate yourself and just wondering if someone can help you at a reasonable cost then Good Place Moving is the only destination that can make your move more comfortable with no damage and proper allocation of your belongings. Come to our office and see in which areas we are dealing with. Ask us for a quote and see for yourself.

Contact us today! We know that moving cannot happen in one day that is why our plan and extra care facility will assist you to carry your goods to your new destination.

We are also available on Google as Good Place Movers Surrey

Office Moves Made Easy

Surrey moving company

No two moves can ever be the same. Office moves are way different from house moves. Some companies can only do some types of moves. In that case, you might have to hire more than one company if you have multiple moving needs. Good Place Moving Company is your Surrey moving company with different packages. We do a range of moves including household moves and office moves. We will help you from the start to the end of the moving process. For a start, here are some tips when handling office moves.

Early Planning

Office moves require a lot of things to be put into consideration. You’ll need to coordinate employees and make sure that you do an equipment check and paperwork. This requires you to plan ahead of time. In fact, if you think that you are not yet fully ready, you may have to wait until everything is set. Otherwise, your office move will be hectic. Begin by letting your staff and clients know that you plan to move. This way, they can adjust themselves appropriately. You don’t want to lose customers in the moving frenzy.  

Solve Problems as they arise

When you are decided on making the move, solve problems as early as in the planning process. Think of potential issues that can occur and find solutions for them. For instance, you should begin to work out a new mail address. Don’t wait until the problem brings loses in the firm is when you begin to act. Figure out how you can make the move smooth. Involve the necessary stakeholders in the planning process. Some difficult problems can have simple solutions coming from someone you least expect. Avoid doing everything alone as it can be difficult to foresee some problems singlehandedly.

Go Professional

You may have made local arrangements and moved your house items successfully in the past. However, the dynamics of office moves are quite different. It is time you sought professional help. If you want to move to Surrey or its surrounding, Good Place Moving can help out. Office moves need coordination. This is what you get when you hire a professional mover. The workers from the moving company will ensure that your office furniture remains safe. Any underestimations will be reevaluated if you have professional hands working on the gig. You will also benefit from the tools that the mover offers.

Distribute Tasks

The office team should help you when moving. You don’t have to pack their desks. Let the staff handle that for you. The benefit of doing this is to ensure that no one complains that their stuff got misplaced. They can just pack and let the professional mover do the rest. The heavy lifting should be handled using appropriate equipment. Most moving companies have their own forklifts to tackle such tasks. If they don’t have, they can hire them from someone else. Your duty is to ensure that boxes are carefully labeled. Even as you pack, remember that you will eventually have to unpack.   

Hold People Responsible

It feels good when your manager trusts you with something. Assign your staff with different responsibilities. Let them report their progress. Use all the gathered information to make a moving plan. No one should feel left out. Be as inclusive as possible. You could have some people watching over an entire department. Others can have a subcategory specially set for them. Depending on your workforce, you can choose to either split or combine some departments. Be the one making these decisions to avoid confusion. Several things can run at the same time.

Make a Good Budget

Part of the planning process is budgeting. Ensure that you have organized finances well. An office move can turn into a large-scale operation. You don’t want to get stuck at financing the move. Get every aspect factored in. don’t assume that packing material is not significant to budget for. Even the cost of removal should form your budget. Consider the cost incurred for canceling utilities. Make provision for the loss of productivity while on the move. When you are done with your budget, add some money for miscellaneous needs.

Use Quality Packing and Wrappings

Financial constraints can make you think of cheap packing alternatives. This is not advisable when doing an office move. You want to make sure that you move things without getting them damaged. They should be ready to work in the new destination. Sacrifice and acquire good wrapping and packing materials. You can buy metal boxes if you will need to move frequently. Alternatively, you can choose to hire some packing containers and return them after use. The goal is to ensure that you preserve the quality of your office goods.


There is no better time to upgrade your office as when moving. The people who are resistant to change won’t mind if it is done during a move. You don’t have to transport the things that you no longer need. This adds up the moving cost for no good reason. Sell them or donate them. Let the moving company move only what you need. New furniture can be transported by the company selling them. This is a great hack to saving a lot of money at your convenience. You achieve two things at the same time- moving and upgrading.

Time the Move

Your moving plan should have a time limit. Move everything within this time. To avoid feeling as if you are not on the schedule, set enough time for the move. A couple of days to move should be enough. Even so, don’t be too strict. You will get your staff worked up and they may end up needing a sick leave. You can extend the deadline if there is a need.

Work on Your Destination

As you move, have you figured out the floor space in the new office? Good Place Moving will help you determine how the items will fit in the new office. The final destination can guide you on what to sell and what to buy while on the move. If everything follows a plan, be sure to enjoy your office move.     

Trustworthy Surrey Moving Company

Moving Surrey for Years

Trust comes when someone has a point of reference. Good Place Moving Company has moved for over 10 years in Surrey. This is tangible evidence that we have the ability to move for you. Amateur moves may not have the necessary skill to do all your moves. We are proud to be in service for over a decade with a good track record. Learning from experience makes us a mover you can trust with your valuable goods. We are sure with every move and our objective is to deliver successfully.

Walking the Talk

Many movers will claim to do moves which they cannot. Once they lure the unsuspecting client, they disappoint terribly. When Good Place Moving Company says that it provides certain services, it does so. Honesty has fashioned strong relationships between us and our customers. They know that we will deliver whatever we promise. This is an important mark in all movers who need to gain trust from the clients. It does not benefit anyone when you can’t walk the talk. You end up inconveniencing people who had all their hopes on you.

Surrey Moving Company

Giving the Details

Why should you make a move when you are not yet satisfied with the proceedings? Does the mover offer transparent services? Good Place Moving Company gives details that can help the customer make the right decision. This means that we let the customer make an informed decision even if it will not necessarily favor us. There is no need to hide anything in today’s developed world. To our advantage, when we offer all the details, the customers rest assured that they everything will go on as planned. Surprises are not a favorite of many people when they are doing moves that mean everything to their lives.

Is the Surrey Mover Licensed?

Identifying the right mover is hard. However, when you know what to look for, the search is easy. Don’t trust a mover who does not come clear with their paperwork. Good Place Moving Company is fully licensed to move in Surrey and beyond. Check that the mover is verifiable because that is the best way to find the trustworthy mover. If you are not convinced by the paperwork, it is unlikely that you will be satisfied with the delivery. Referrals from close friends may be a good lead. The decision on which Surrey moving company to use should be yours.

Convenience comes from Trustworthy Surrey Movers

An experienced and trustworthy mover will offer convenience. Rarely will you find excuses from Good Place Moving Company. You don’t have to book another ticket or wait another day. We will deliver the goods at the right time and help you settle in your new destination. Very few Surrey moving firms have the ability to offer reliable services. Poorly serviced trucks and unprofessional staff are a major cause of inconvenience. Since we prepare before any move, we have serviced trucks ready to move your goods.

Move with us because we are trustworthy. You won’t experience uncalled for delays.


Movers in Surrey BC Canada

The Moving Process

Before you move, you may need to do research on the movers near your location. Sometimes friends or colleagues may recommend movers.  You get a starting point. If you are in looking for movers in Surrey BC, you have many moving options. Good Place Moving Company offers moving services ranging from commercial to residential moves. You get the best moving services from us. We have worked our way to the top over many years. Our experience of more than ten years is a guarantee of quality service. We have been in the business for long enough to move your goods safely.

What are Your Options?

You have the option of moving your goods (DIY or do it yourself). It is a good idea. However, it may end up being more costly. You may have to hire a forklift and other tools necessary for moving. When you move by yourself, you will be overwhelmed by work. There is wrapping, sorting, and packing before you move. You may take days to transport your goods. Still, you will realize that you could have done better by hiring a Surrey mover like Good Place Moving Company.

We offer Efficiency

We have the tools and the workforce that handles any type of moving need for our clients. We will help you transport the fragile kitchenware. We also transport other household goods when we do your residential moves. Professional handling of goods puts us ahead of other Surrey movers. The customer does not need to incur any loses when moving. We will help you sort the items according to categories. The goods can then be transported together. We help you load your items into trucks. We are very efficient in moving both locally and over long distances. We are well prepared to handle any moving task. We make moving a great experience for all.

Move with Us Whenever you Move

When do you want to move? For us, we are always ready to help you settle into your new home. Please contact us for inquiries and concerns about moving. You will appreciate our services once you partner with us.    

Surrey BC Moving Company

Surrey BC Moving Company

Have you ever moved goods or items from one point to another? Did you use the services of a mover? If so, what is the probability of using the same services? Most people who have hired moving companies to help them ferry belongings to their desired destination realize that it is efficient when professionals handle their goods. One Surrey BC Moving Company that offers high-end services is Good Place Moving Company. With years of experience, we have the necessary skills to move different types of goods. Our services range from local moving to long distance moving. The moving specialties on offer are; labor services, piano moves, safe moves, and equipment moves amongst others.

We move in Mission, Pitt Meadows, Surrey, and the entire region of Fraser Valley and the lower mainland. Our services have evolved over the time to provide specialized services to all our clients. GoodPlace will do packaging as well as transporting for you. Not all movers can move fragile or complex goods such as the piano. However, Good Place Moving Company offers reliable and expert piano moves making us the most diverse Surrey BC Moving Company. We guarantee that you will get your piano or heavy equipment at the place of your choice.

Being among the top Surrey BC Moving Companies,

we offer affordable services to all customers. It doesn’t matter how low your budget may be; we are willing to move you to your new home and help you settle. We insist on making long-lasting relationships with the clients which go beyond moving. Every moving need is under consideration, and we work hard to offer the best. Move today with peace by hiring our reliable services. We won’t inconvenience you with delays or lost possessions. Every time you move, skilled personnel will handle your goods taking care of them during transit.

Be part of the multitudes of customers who enjoy top-notch moving services in Surrey BC today. Don’t wait for amateur movers to damage your fragile goods. We will appropriately pack your items and carefully transport them. Our joy is when you have your moving needs satisfied.         

Moving Companies in Surrey BC

Moving Companies in Surrey BC

You may never have required moving services. However, when the time to move comes, you need to make the right choice. With moving companies in Surrey BC, you get many moving options. First, you can do the moving on your own. If you have the skills and expertise to carry your items, you can decide to use your means. The second and best option is to hire a Surrey BC mover like the Good Place Moving Company. Professional movers are more convenient and offer quality services. Much of the moving work is divided amongst many employees who are trained for the task. You will be able to move goods more efficiently when you let skilled hands work on them.

Moving Companies in Surrey BC always compete to provide the most exceptional services to the customers

 If you have the time, you can do the packing and let Good Place Moving transport and deliver the goods to the destination. You can as well opt to let the mover do the packing or even begin from wrapping. Hiring different companies to do the individual tasks of moving is costly. When you get one Moving Company in Surrey BC to move your goods, you get to enjoy the economies of scale. The company will use its trucks and pack with the help of equipment. You will be sure to save a lot of time when you let the mover handle all your needs.

Do you want to move to Surrey?

It does not matter if you want to move all across the lower mainland or Fraser Valley area. Moving companies in Surrey offer services in Delta, Coquitlam, Mission, Chilliwack, and the neighboring regions. All you have to do is make the mover aware of the details of your moves.

Most people shy away from what they have never tried. Moving is a tasking project that spends your time and resources. Get the best experience out of moving today by hiring a trustable moving company in Surrey BC. We will give you a quote that is within your reach every time you move with us.     

How to Find Reliable and Trustworthy Movers in Surrey?

How to Find the Reliable and Trustworthy Movers in Surrey?

The services from our professional Surrey Movers will enable you to complete the relocation process, without getting into hassles. However, to ensure that you get the best grade services, it is important that you partner with a reliable provider. Here is your guide to find the trustworthy Surrey movers.

What Are The Scopes Of Services That The Provider Offers?

Moving needs can of various types and the process involves the integration of various sub-parts. For instance, while you might need to move your household, other parties might be in need to move their offices or commercial setups. Again, individuals and organizations may require relocating to local, regional or interstate locations. As a matter of fact, not all the Surrey Moving companies will be equally equipped to handle all these scopes of actions. Hence, before you hire the service provider, check the scope of services it offers and partner with the party whose niche cover the type of support that you need.


How Long Has The Service Provider Been Offering The Similar Scope Of Services?

The best grade services can come from the hands of the experienced service provider only. Thus, before you partner with a Surrey movers, check the span for which it has been offering similar services. Joining hands with a provider that has been operating for a substantial span of time will have the expertise and knowledge to execute the assignments with flawless perfection. Hence, with such providers, you are ought to make the most satisfactory experience.

In addition, you should deal with a Surrey Moving Company that quotes the most reasonable service fees, without compromising on the quality of the services. You should always check the reviews on the services of the provider that will enable you to make the most realistic assessment of its worthiness.

For all your Surrey Movers needs contact Good Place Moving Company for a free quote today!