Top 10 Attractions of Chilliwack for Moving In

Welcome to Chilliwack, British Columbia – sensational mountains, sprawling forest, and spectacular lakes. Located in the Fraser Valley Regional District, about 120 kilometers from Vancouver, 91,000 individuals call Chilliwack home.
If you’re searching for an outdoor adventure or to explore the city’s cultural side, we’ve discovered the best events, attractions, and things to do in Chilliwack. When you leave your car and explore the nearby trails, mountains, and lakes, only then you can fully experience Chilliwack.

While Chilliwack provides year-round activities and events, one of the best times to visit is in the summer. A warm yet fair 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) is the average daily high temperatures in July and August – ideal for visiting a local farm, a relaxing dip in a clear lake, or an exciting visit to a water park.

Here is a list of the top 10 attractions in Chilliwack that make you want to move in it.

  1. Marvel at Bridal Veil Falls

    At Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park, Mother Nature’s finest work is on view. The 60-meter waterfall where water softly cascades down the smooth rock, giving the impression of the signature bridal veil. The pictures you’ll find online are fine, but the view in person is spectacular at the next level.

  2. Chilliwack’s Best Farms

    Chilliwack is home to several farms that are productive. These are not average farms for you. For example, late in the summer, Fantasy Farms hosts an annual garlic festival where you can nosh on ribs, enjoy live country acts, and for all your favorite recipes, pick up fresh garlic.
    Travel to Klaassen Farms in the summer to pick your own juicy blueberries directly from the bush. Come fall, check out the pumpkin picking Chilliwack Corn Maze, cozy picnics by a campfire, animal exhibits, and a fun challenge through a corn maze, of course.

  3. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park

    A hike through a dark, thick forest. A paddle on blue, sparkling water. Dinner at a campfire and s’mores. Falling asleep in a tent tucked away. It sounds pretty idyllic, huh?
    The Provincial Park of Chilliwack Lake is an outstanding protected green space that provides all these activities – and a whole lot more. The park’s crown jewel is Chilliwack Lake itself: the lake is open to motorized and non-motorized boats, and a perfect place to visit for a relaxing swim.

  4. Tulips of the Valley Festival

    At the Tulips of the Valley Festival, 6.5 million bright-colored bulbs carpet the 20-acre fields every April. It is Western Canada’s largest tulip festival, and its launch marks the valley’s unofficial beginning of springtime.
    Visitors can walk along the tulip paths through the fields of flowers, taking in over 30 different varieties of vibrant flowers. The festival also features 17 daffodil varieties and 10 hyacinth varieties – it’s a breathtaking sight that smells unbelievable, too.
    To name but a few of the family-friendly events taking place during the festival, children can engage in a paper scavenger hunt, scout out the fairy houses hidden in the fields, and join the festival’s coloring competition.

  5. Cultus Lake Waterpark

    The Cultus Lake Waterpark is one of the most popular attractions in the Chilliwack region and cannot be missed on a hot summer day.
    Running seasonally, since it opened back in 1984, the Cultus Lake Waterpark has been a favorite among locals. There really is something timeless about spending the whole day outside, playing under the sun in the water.
    There are plenty of ways to keep cool, with 25 different slides and attractions. Little kids love to explore Kiddie Castle, the family spray park, and the turtle pool and slides, while older kids will have a blast with names like Rattler and Tubular Terror on seriously scary slides.

  6. Teapot Hill

    You should visit the Teapot Hill Trail near Cultus Lake for a quick hike that’s out of the ordinary. Teapots of all shapes and sizes, along with other assorted tea accessories, are scattered around the 2.5-kilometer trail (each way).

  7. Chilliwack Cultural Centre

    Art workshops, plays, concerts, musicals, dance shows, comedy acts – the Chilliwack Cultural Centre still has something exciting going on. The Chilliwack Cultural Centre, which has been open since 2010, features a variety of venues, from a 584-seat theater to art studios and music halls.
    This is where you can get your fill of arts and culture in Chilliwack, whether you’re hoping to catch a favorite artist on tour or just looking for a nice night out.

  8. Vedder River Rotary Trail

    Head down to the Vedder River Rotary Trail, an eight-kilometer (each way) route that parallels the flowing Vedder River, for a quiet and fun activity that can be enjoyed virtually any time of year.
    From welcoming fellow walkers, runners, cyclists, and dogs to taking in the local flora and fauna, there’s plenty to captivate your attention along the way. In the late fall months, be sure to keep your eye on the river: you could just catch a glimpse of the salmon.

  9. Chilliwack Fair

    If you have attended the Chilliwack Fair, a festival that celebrates the heart and soul of the city, you have not really encountered Chilliwack. What once was an agricultural fair has grown to include live songs, local talent, arts, livestock, and so much more, running for almost 150 years.
    You can take in all the fun for one amazing weekend in August: from the eight-kilometer Donut Dash sprint to animal shows, from live demonstrations to workshops on arts and crafts, from magic shows to a good old-fashioned pie contest. The Chilliwack Fair is all about the whole family having a fun, wholesome time.

  10. Dickens Sweets and British Museum

    The Dickens Sweets and British Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone who is curious about the good days of the “olde country.”

A proper tea room with dainty sandwiches, an old-fashioned candy shop, a Chinese shop, antiques, a cake decorating room, a pie shop (try the steak and kidney pie), a fish shop, and a British grocery store are all included in Dickens. There’s a lot going on, but each feature is weaved together by the British theme and makes it a worthwhile place to visit.

The free museum, which exhibits antiques and memorabilia from various significant events and landmarks in British history, is also available for exploration. You’ll find an exhibit that pays homage to Charles Dickens (after whom the shop is named), a show dedicated to the Titanic, and an exhibit dedicated to the Second World War – and, of course, without a section dedicated to the royal family, no British museum would be complete.

Planning to move in Chilliwack?

There is a lot in Chilliwack to offer new residents looking to move there. People in Chilliwack have a connection to society and love to live and work here. Connecting and being part of a community or neighborhood group here in Chilliwack will not take you long.
Urban development has given Chilliwack a lot of prosperity in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Over the past 20 years, business development and residential growth have produced a thriving community with an excellent quality of life.

While affordable housing and location are two main reasons for people to move to Chilliwack, excellent education and healthcare systems, diverse shopping and dining options, unlimited recreation and leisure activities, tremendous growth and development and growing opportunities for business and jobs are other primary characteristics that attract people here.

Moving Tips:

It’s important to do so well in advance when you begin planning your move to Chilliwack. There are several things that need to be taken into account before a move. For example:

  1. Selling old house
  2. Buying a new house
  3. Packing
  4. Moving
  5. Unpacking
  6. Setting up the new house
  7. And much more

So, if you push them to the last minute, you’re going to find yourself overloaded. Instead, by setting aside several days ahead to take care of administrative duties, do yourself a favor. Take the time to draw up a timetable in order to mark something off the list.
Prepare your things, read up on the local bylaws of Chilliwack, and contact a suitable moving company chilliwack.